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June 30, 2016

Pick Up Your Copy of “Gunfight At Black Ridge” For Free July 2nd!

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“Gunfight at Black Ridge,” is the first book in the highly anticipated new western series from acclaimed bestselling author Frank F. Fiore 

Civil War veteran Colson Rodgers leaves the Union Army in the closing days of the Civil War to return to his hometown of Black Ridge. As he battles his way home he saves the beautiful, but mysterious, Kanya from a group of carpetbagger’s intent on robbing him. 

As the two of them finally reach Black Ridge, Colson finds that the whole town has changed. The Sheriff and Judge have been killed, and a group of murderers calling themselves the “Chiffon Gang” have taken over. Colson soon learns that even those he trusts may not be the friends he once thought they were. Will Colson stand and fight the Chiffon Gang, or will he leave and give up the past he craves for? 

“Gunfight at Black Ridge” is the exciting first book from a brand new western series from bestselling author Frank F. Fiore.


Cultural Conspiracies

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Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean someone or something is not after you. Check out these cultural conspiracies.

McCartney Dead

Remember the classic Paul McCartney is Dead conspiracy from the late 1960’s? The story says that Paul McCartney was killed in a car accident at the height of the Beatles’ fame and replaced by a lookalike? This was further fueled by the fact that Paul wore no shoes for the cover of the Abbey Road album cover. To this day people still believe that Paul McCartney died a long, long time ago.

Elvis Lives

Music legend Elvis Presley died on 16 August 1977 – or did he? If the latest conspiracy theory is to be believed, the King of Rock and Roll faked his own death and now works as a groundsman in Graceland. Grainy footage of a bearded man has been posted on YouTube, who claims the figure is an 81-year-old Elvis.

While some say the claims are “desperate” and Elvis should be left to “rest in peace”, the belief that the King is out there looks unlikely to fade away.

Obama Was Born Where?

As far back as 2008, some Americans began to claim that Barack Obama was not born in the United States, but in Kenya. These claims have been promoted by fringe theorists, known as ‘birthers’, some of whom have sought court rulings to prove that Obama is ineligible to be the president. None of these attempts has been successful. Obama has released the full version of his birth certificate, which shows he was born in Hawaii.

Birthers claim it is a forgery. There has been what the Daily Telegraph describes as “a persistent campaign of misinformation on the subject”, led at one stage by Donald Trump, the property mogul and current frontrunner in the race to become the Republican’s presidential nominee. According to a recent poll, 61 per cent of self-identified Trump supporters said they believed the president was not born in the US.

MH370 and MH17 are the same plane?

Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 disappeared on 8 March 2014 and has yet to be found despite an extensive search operation. Just over four months later, on 17 July 2014, another Malaysia Airlines flight, MH17, crashed in eastern Ukraine, near the Russian border after apparently having been shot down by a missile. To most people the two tragedies looked like a terrible coincidence, but to conspiracy theorists there are no coincidences – and MH370 and MH17 were in fact the same plane.

Project MKUltra

Although initially seen as another fanciful conspiracy theory, this one turned out to be true. The CIA really did run secret mind-control experiments on American citizens from the 1950s until 1973, using “electronics, hypnosis, sensory deprivation and verbal and sexual abuse”. In 1995, President Bill Clinton issued a formal apology for Project MKUltra, as it was known. It is believed that ‘Unabomber’ Theodore Kaczynski was part of these experiments, although that detail has yet to be confirmed.

Reptilian Elite Rule The World

The ‘reptoid hypothesis’ is a conspiracy theory which advances the argument that reptilian humanoids live among us with the intention of enslaving the human race. It has been championed by former BBC sports presenter David Icke who believes that deceased American comedian Bob Hope, members of the Royal Family and former US Presidents George W Bush and Bill Clinton are part of the “Anunnaki” race who came to earth for “monatomic gold”.

So how many do you believe?

June 16, 2016

Jonathan Smyth – Book One – Now FREE

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Get your FREE copy of Jonathan Smyth Cowboy Sleuth on Kindle.


The first book in a new Western mystery series will put the best of the British against the American West. Filled with action, drama, twists, turns and gunfights, this series will leave you wishing for more. 

Jack the Ripper is terrorizing the citizens of London, and there is only one connection between each murder known to the police— a man called Jonathan Smyth. After a particularly grizzly murder, the fickle finger of fate points directly at Smyth, who cannot be located. When the police discover that their prime suspect has seemingly fled to the fledgling United States, they send one of their best men, Charles Abbott, after him. 

Smyth, an intrepid sleuth, is caught in a new land filled with legends, mysteries and horrors. His goal is to unmask the Ripper when he meets the seemingly harmless British journalist Charles Abbott, but soon finds himself slowly drawn into discovering the secrets behind the screaming tunnel of Arizona. Will Smyth and Abbot survive the lethal legend, unmasking the mystery—or will they die in the fiery bowels of Arizona? 

Download Now


June 15, 2016

Is it possible to slip through the time and space barrier to see the future, or the past?

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Time slips have been a myth for some time. Is it really possible for someone to slip through the time and space barrier to see the future, or the past? This is the strange tale of Victor Goddard. A man who was not prone to fits of fantasy. Read on to find out how time cheating him out of his naïve understanding of the world we live in…


In 1935, while a Wing Commander, Goddard flew a Hawker Hart biplane to Edinburgh, Scotland, from his home base in Andover, England, for a weekend visit. On the Sunday before flying back, Goddard visited an abandoned airfield in Drem, near Edinburgh, this location being closer to his final destination than the airport at which he landed. The Drem airfield, constructed during the first World War, was a shambles. The tarmac and four hangars were in disrepair, barbed wire divided the field into numerous pastures, and cattle grazed everywhere. It was now a farm, and completely useless as an airfield.

On Monday, Goddard began the flight back to his home base. The weather was dark and ominous, with low clouds and heavy rain. Goddard was flying in an open cockpit over mountainous terrain without radio navigational aides or cloud flying instruments. Rain beating down on his forehead and onto his flying goggles badly obscured his vision. He thought he could climb above the clouds, but he was wrong. He made it to 8,000 feet, looking for a break in the clouds. There was none.

Suddenly Goddard lost control of his plane. It began to spiral downward. He struggled with the controls. He could speed up or slow down, but he could not stop the spin. He was unsure of his location, but knew he was falling rapidly and might smash into the mountains before coming out of the clouds. The sky became darker, the clouds turning a strange yellowish-brown. The rain came down even more heavily. Goddard’s altimeter showed he was only a thousand feet above the ground and dropping rapidly. At two hundred feet and still spiraling downward, he began to see a bit of daylight through the murky gloom, but his spiral toward seemingly inevitable death was far from over.

Goddard was now flying at 150 miles per hour. He emerged from the clouds over “rotating water” that he recognized as the Firth of Forth. He was still falling. Suddenly, he saw directly before him a stone sea wall with a path, a road, and railings on top of it. The road seemed to be slowly rotating from left to right. The cloud cover was down to forty feet. Goddard was now flying below twenty feet and was within an instant of tragedy. A young girl with a baby carriage ran through the pouring rain. She ducked her head just in time to avoid Hart’s wingtip. Goddard succeeded in leveling out his plane after that. He barely missed striking the water after clearing the sea wall by a few feet.

He was now flying only several feet above a stony beach. Fog and rain obscured all distant visibility, but Goddard somehow located his position. He identified the road to Edinburgh and soon was able to discern, through the gloom, the black silhouettes of the Drem Airfield hangars ahead of him, the same airfield he had visited the day before. The rain became a deluge, the sky grew even darker, and Goddard’s plane was shaken violently by the turbulent weather as it sped toward the Drem hangars-and into a different world.

Suddenly, the sky turned bright with golden sunlight. The rain and the farm had vanished. The hangars and the tarmac appeared to have somehow been rebuilt in a brand-new condition. There were four planes lined at the end of the tarmac. Three were standard Avro 504N trainer biplanes; the fourth was a monoplane of an unknown type-the RAF had no monoplanes in 1935. All four airplanes were bright yellow. No RAF airplanes were painted yellow in 1935. The airplane mechanics were wearing blue overalls. RAF mechanics never wore anything but brown overalls when working in hangars in 1935.

It took Goddard only an instant to fly over the airfield. He was only a few feet above the ground-just high enough to clear the hangars-but apparently none of the mechanics saw him or even heard his plane. As he sped away from the airfield, he was again engulfed by the storm. He forced his plane upward, flying at 17,000 feet and then, for a time, at 21,000 feet. He managed to return to his home base safely.

Goddard felt elated when he landed. He then made the mistake of telling fellow officers about his eerie experience. They looked at him as if he were drunk or crazy. Goddard decided to keep silent about what had happened to him. He did not want a discharge from the RAF on mental grounds.

In 1939, Goddard watched as RAF trainers began to be painted yellow and the mechanics switched to blue coveralls. The RAF introduced a new training monoplane exactly like the one he had seen in his flight over Drem. It was called the Magister. He learned that the airfield at Drem had been refurbished.

Was this conclusion so unreasonable? Our senses determine our reality. Goddard was under extreme stress, and thought he might die. Perhaps the bonds controlling Goddard’s senses cracked for an instant, in the face of mortal danger, freeing him to glimpse another reality.

If you want to read more strange tales why don’t you check out my Jeremy Nash series. You can download it from Amazon today.

June 10, 2016

Time Travelers from Out of Space

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Is it actually possible for people to time travel? Have travelers from the future, and the past really visited the new? Some say they have. Below you will find FIVE of the strangest time travel stories ever recorded. From the man who was found dead in 1950—dressed like a man of the 1870’s to a clever trader who claimed to be from the future. These are five tales that will have you scratching your head with wonder…

Alexandria Alexis

Will time travel actually be invented in 2025? Apparently so, because urban legend has it that Alexandria Alexis was an alleged time traveler from said year who mysteriously disappeared on New Year’s eve 1899. If this were true, it would also dispel the myth of only being able to travel back to the point of the machine being invented. Continue reading for more pictures, stories and images.

John Titor

What will life be like in 2036? “Food and livestock is grown locally. People spend much more time reading and talking together face to face. Religion is taken seriously and everyone can multiply and divide in their heads.” That’s an entry from John Titor. Titor, a traveler from the future, first showed up on internet discussion boards in the 2000, making predictions about the years ahead. In 2001, he returned to the year 2036. Most of his predictions did not come true.


The Mutton Chops Man

In 1950, a man with mutton chop sideburns and Victorian-era duds popped up in Times Square. Witnesses said he looked startled, and then a minute later, he was hit by a car and killed.

On his person, the police found 19th-century money, a letter dated 1876 and business cards with his name – Rudolph Fentz. None of these items showed signs of aging. A Mrs. Rudolph Fentz was tracked down. She was the widow of Rudolph Fentz, Jr., and the story went that junior’s dad disappeared mysteriously in 1876.

times square

Andrew Carlssin

The alarm bells went off on Wall Street and with the SEC in 2002 when unknown investor Andrew Carlssin quickly parlayed $800 into $350,000,000 via some high-risk stock trades. Carlssin was arrested. He confessed that he was from the year 2256. It turns out the story originated from that ever-sensational source of fakery, The Weekly World News. Ten years on, the story is still being reprinted and circulated.


Circa 1928

A woman walks through a film premiere crowd in Los Angeles talking on her cell. Not so remarkable. Until you consider the year is 1928. The clip, from bonus material on a DVD of Charlie Chaplin’s The Circus, hit the internet in 2010. Never mind the obvious questions about non-existent satellites and cell towers back in the jazz age. The device was most likely an early hearing aid. Still, the clip is mind-teasingly fun to watch.


June 8, 2016

Praise for Jonathan Smyth – Cowboy Sleuth

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First Review is In

Fiore has already scored a major hit with his “Gunfight at Black Ridge” but wasn’t content with just that. Now he has decided to turn the Western genre on its head. This is the series that will pit two British men against the worst the American West can offer. With due diligence, these two characters rise to the occasion and manage to fight with the best of them. For readers who are tired of the same Western stories over and over again, this one should offer a pleasant respite.
The writing is the usual Fiore style–a “show, not tell” action style that has served him well. He has added plenty of extra flavor into the story and gives readers a strong reason to keep turning the pages. I am almost certain that this new Fiore flip will end up being one of the most read Westerns of the year.
I am already looking forward to the second in the series–take that as a hint, Frank.
A Harris

June 7, 2016

Jonathan Smyth – Cowboy Sleuth Turning the Traditional Western on Its Head!

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My new first book in a new Western mystery series will put the best of the British against the American West. Filled with action, drama, twists, turns and gunfights, this new series will leave you wishing for more… 


Jack the Ripper is terrorizing the citizens of London, and there is only one connection between each murder known to the police- a man called Jonathan Smyth. After a particularly grizzly murder, the fickle finger of fate points directly at Smyth, who cannot be located. When the police discover that their prime suspect has seemingly fled to the fledgling United States, they send one of their best men, Charles Abbott, after him.

Smyth, an intrepid sleuth, is caught in a new land filled with legends, mysteries and horrors. His goal is to unmask the Ripper when he meets the seemingly harmless British journalist Charles Abbott, but soon finds himself slowly drawn into discovering the secrets behind the screaming tunnel of Arizona. Will Smyth and Abbot survive the lethal legend, unmasking the mystery-or will they die in the fiery bowels of Arizona?


June 3, 2016

Urban Legends That Keep You Up at Night

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Is there anything creepier than a dead bride?

Not likely because stories of these tragic ladies crop up all over the world.

The Suscan Screamer



On Suscan Road in Pennsylvania, under what used to be called the Susquehanna Railroad Bridge, yet another of these legends has taken hold. According to many locals, if you drive onto the bridge, turn off your car, put the keys on the roof, and wait, you will be able to see the Suscan Screamer in your rearview mirror. Most stories agree that she is the ghost of a woman who hung herself on the bridge after being dumped at the altar. She was supposed to have screamed loudly as she jumped to her death.

There are other stories from the same area, including a creature that had “webbed feet with long claws and had a huge head. “Bigfoot-like encounters are also allegedly common in the region. Maybe someone should ask the dead bride if she’s seen anything suspicious the next time she pops into their backseat.

The Ghost of Stow Lake

ghost_picture_woman_in_white 1 n

Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, California is pretty well-known for its paranormal stories. If you believe locals, it is so full of spirits that you run the risk of crashing straight into one while jogging. One ghost story has been the most popular and circulated, ever since it appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle on January 6, 1908. That’s the story of the Ghost of Stow Lake. The newspaper piece starts with a man named Arthur Pigeon. He was going just a bit too fast in his car when he was pulled over by police. But he told the officers it wasn’t his fault, as he was trying to get away! He claimed to have seen the ghost of a woman at Stow Lake. She had “long, fair hair and was barefooted. “The legends always claim this woman was a mother who lost a child, or else killed her child and then herself. America seems to be full of women offing themselves and their offspring.

Patterson Road


In Houston, Texas, cultural memories of the Civil War have sparked numerous urban legends. One of the creepiest is centered around Patterson Road, located near Highway Six. The claims here tend to differ, depending on whom you ask. However, everyone agrees that the ghosts involved were Civil War soldiers. Because, as we all know, every bit of land someone from that period walked across has become a ghostly hot spot by default. Believers say that if you go onto the Langham Creek Bridge on Patterson at night and park your car with the lights off, you will hear tapping or see a mist surround your car. More skeptical locals will point out that parking your car with your lights off on a busy bridge is a good way to become a ghost yourself.



Some urban legends are created by adults who want to scare their kids into behaving. Anyone who grew up with Mexican parents will be well used to this method, and probably still feel a deep-seated fear of El Cucuy. Other stories are more likely to have been made up by your jerk older brother who wants to freak you out. Such is the case of the Goatman of Beltsville, Maryland. Who is the Goatman? There is no official story, but most claim a scientist at the Beltsville Agricultural Research Center did experiments on goats. This somehow led to him actually becoming part goat, a kind of animal-human hybrid.He is said to roam the backwoods of Fletchertown Road, attacking people and cars with his axe. Why a scientist-turned-goatman would carry an axe isn’t explained.

Loved these urban legends? Why don’t you try my Jeremy Nash series? You can download the series right here.

May 26, 2016

Hit The Trails With My Brand New Book in My New Western Series…

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Feel the Conspiracy in my latest Frank F. Fiore story in the Fastest Reads in the West series…


The fourth book in these fast paced, action packed, shorter stories than your traditional Western novel are true to the spirit of the west. 

The fourth book in this, exciting and action-packed series is called “Conspiracy on the Trail.” It tells the story Sheriff Crosby leaving his home town to head west to fight evil wherever he finds it. In this rip-roaring western adventure, you will watch a hardened Sheriff pitting himself against a dangerous conspiracy out to kill him.

Will the conspiracy swallow him alive…. or will he survive the very jaws of death? 

Available now at Amazon


Read all the Trail Stories on Amazon

May 21, 2016

New York City Horrors

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America is a land filled with myths and legends. In this blog article we will explore four myths that you probably already believe as fact. But have you ever been in NYC? If you have then you may be aware that danger lies behind every corner… Not from criminals, or gangbangers… But from the Mole People… Turn up the lights and read…


The Legend of Cropsey

Tucked away on the very fringes of NYC and frequently ignored by City politicians, Staten Island seems the perfect breeding ground for chilling urban legends. The most-chilling of all may just be that of Cropsey.

Cropsey could well be the most terrifying ghoul of all. An escaped mental patient living in the empty Willowbrook Mental Institution, he was said to creep out at night and quietly ‘disappear’ children – hauling them away into the inky blankness of the institution, never to be seen again. In some variations, he had a hook for a hand. In others he carried an axe. But what’s truly terrifying about Cropsey is that he was real.

In 1972, children began vanishing from Staten Island. In total, five disappeared. The kidnappings were ultimately linked to local criminal Andre Rand, who is currently serving a 50-to-life sentence. Although he was never convicted of murder, Rand remains a prime suspect in the deaths of all five children. Chillingly for the residents of Staten Island, this urban legend managed to step out of their nightmares and into reality.

The Mole People

Imagine discovering another world existed beneath your feet; a vast society functioning in the darkness, hidden from view. Well, beneath the mean streets of NYC, that might just be the case. For decades now, legends of secretive mole people manipulating the city’s ancient subway lines have been whispered. And there’s more than a grain of truth to them.

It’s widely-known that many of New York’s homeless have found a niche for themselves underground. In 2000, a film called “Dark Days” was made that chronicled the lives of a group living in the Freedom Tunnel. But the urban legends of mole people go way beyond tiny collectives.

The idea of a subterranean society mirroring our own is a weirdly unnerving one, and legends of the strange and violent mole people continue to abound to this day. Are there really groups of modern Morlocks under NYC? We’ll leave it to you to decide.

57 West 57th Street Horror

If horror stories are true, then 57 West 57th Street is one place you have to avoid.

Owned many years ago by socialite Edna Crawford Champion and her volatile French lover Charles Brazelle, it saw the two slowly decay into something like lunacy. Screaming arguments would spill over into physical violence, until Brazelle finally beat his lover to death with a telephone. In the immediate aftermath, Champion’s bodyguards calmly defenestrated Brazelle, turning the apartment into a bloodbath. And then things got really weird.

The next owners found themselves in a world straight from the Shining. At night, phantom arguments swept through the living rooms. Footsteps clicked through empty halls. But worst of all were the visions. Although no accurate record was ever made, it’s said that those living there saw horrific, unexplainable sights. Sights that could drive you mad.

Today the apartment is an open space, frequently used to stage art exhibitions. But there are still those who refuse to step foot inside that building. The fear lingers to this day.

Check out more great myths by checking out my Paranormal book page on my website.



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