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March 11, 2017

Time Travel. Is it Possible?

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Time travel? The final frontier? Since the beginning of time—people have wondered about the possibility of time travel. What would it be like to travel back, or forward, in time and see a different world? A different set of values? It’s impossible. Right? Well, not according to these accounts. This week we are going to take a look at time travel—see you in 1952 next week!


The Titor Case

Between 2000 and 2001, an internet user by the name of John Titor posted the following on a popular online forum:

“Greetings. I am a time traveller from the year 2036. I am on my way home after getting an IBM 5100 computer system from the year 1975.

My ‘time’ machine is a stationary mass, temporal displacement unit manufactured by General Electric. The unit is powered by two top-spin dual-positive singularities that produce a standard off-set Tipler sinusoid.

I will be happy to post pictures of the unit.”

He claimed he was on the way to 1975 with a ‘stopover’ in the year 2000. Allegedly from a military outfit, he was on a mission to retrieve items from the past that would help society. He went on to answer the many questions his ‘followers’ had for him until he dropped off the grid entirely. There have been many discussions about Titor—but one thing is for sure… he certainly caused a stir—but was he real?

Insider Trading With A Vantage

It was on 28th January, 2003, that a man named Andrew Carlssin was arrested for alleged insider trading. After investing just $800 in businesses, Carlssin managed to make $350 million in just two weeks. According to the police, his gig was up. It was while they had detained him for questioning that Carlssin admitted to having travelled to the year 2003 from the year 2256. Not one person bought this theory, and he soon found himself in jail. But his stay didn’t extend beyond a month thanks to a mystery man who paid over one million dollars in bail money. Carlssin disappeared soon after and has been impossible to trace even after authorities searched for possible aliases.


The Philadelphia Experiment was allegedly a military experiment where the US Navy destroyer USS Eldridge was subjected to experiments that were unconventional in nature. Time travel was one such experiment where the ship is said to have travelled back in time. The US Navy, of course, denied this ever happened and this why some think it to be a hoax although the story retains its buoyancy with conspiracy theory groups.

Air Marshal Goddard

Is it possible to slip into another time period? Well that is what Sir Robert Victor Goddard, an Air Marshal, claimed happened to him. He was sent to inspect a disused airfield near Edinburgh, in a little place called Drem, that he found was in a decrepit state. However, later that day, he ran into a spot of air trouble when flying his biplane during heavy rain.

He therefore chose to fly back through Drem to wait for the storm to pass. However, he soon left the tempestuous rain and entered sunlight. When he looked down, he noticed that the once decrepit field had been transformed and was now in use. Mechanics in blue overalls were walking around the airfield, and he spotted four yellow planes on the runway – which he failed to recognize, despite his many years of aviation experience.

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