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February 24, 2017

Space Conspiracies

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Space… the final frontier. Can anything really be creepy about the vast darkness that surrounds our planet. What could possibly be out there? Did you know there are even conspiracy theories about space… yep. Someone came up with some strange ideas about the solar system. It’s that time again– just scroll down and immerse yourself in the crazy world of the conspiracy theorist…

The Lucifer Project

Just the name of this theory sounds terrifying, doesn’t it? Per conspiracy theorists, NASA conducted a mission to Jupiter’s moons in an effort to see if they could turn Jupiter into another sun. There is no proof of this theory, but turning Jupiter into another sun would allow the moons of Saturn to be warmed up and possibly used for colonization.

This may just be a crazy conspiracy theory, but NASA did just announce $255 million in their 2016 budget to send a ship to Europa, which is Jupiter’s largest moon.

Rogue Planets…

In elementary school, you would have learned about planets and their path of orbit around the sun. What you may not have known is not all planets abide by those silly orbiting rules. Instead, they just float around and do whatever they want.

The creepy thing about this is researchers estimate there to be about twice as many rogue planets as there are stars in our galaxy. Basically, there are a lot of them. The other issue with these planets is they are about the size of Jupiter, so now we have a lot of large planets doing whatever they please. The theory is that if one of these planets enter our system, it could cause another planet to lose their orbit and become a rogue planet. Let that sink in for a second.

Those Black Holes….

We have heard of black holes and how they can consume pretty much anything within its reach, but did you know that there could be supermassive black holes out there? These amazing space oddities have the mass of about 4 million suns. Yes, that is 4 million! The theory behind supermassive black holes is they exist in the centre of every galaxy, including our own.

Typically, they don’t cause any damage to us since we are far enough away; however, as these holes continue to consume gases, they may become “active”. This is called an “active galactic nucleus”. During this phase, the Supermassive Black Hole will expel radiation and increase star creation and consequently, we would experience a lot of star bursts. Usually, these massive stars being created will end in a supernova and destroy anything in its path.

To make a long story short, it is quite possible that the supermassive black hole in the centre of our galaxy could eventually begin throwing giant bombs around, just for fun. This is not a good thing.

Mars: Survivor of a Nuclear War

There is a theory that life once existed on Mars; however, that life was wiped away due to a nuclear explosion. Incredibly, Dr. John Brandenburg presented a theory that there used to be two civilizations on Mars, the Cydonians and the Utopians. Dr. Brandenburg goes on to explain that he believes another alien force destroyed these two civilizations using nuclear warfare. There is enough Thorium and Uranium on the surface of the red planet to certainly make his nuclear explosion theory possible.

Dr. Brandenburg also warned us that this could very well end up being our fate, so we should probably be on guard for alien intruders.

And if you want to see an action packed version of conspiracy theories, check out my three-book series – The Chronicles of Jermey Nash.



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