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January 27, 2017

Is Obama the Anti-Christ?

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Last week we featured a very popular article about 2017 predictions. This week we thought it would be interesting if we featured predictions that could be considered by some to be WILD. These predictions were believed by many, and in most cases, turned out to totally false.


Mitt Romney would win in 2012 and go on to be a two-term president. 

One week before the 2012 election, a leading Evangelist told the world that Romney would not only beat Obama for the presidency, but go on to be a two-term president. “Because the Lord told me,” he confidently explained to his guest.

RFID microchips, the Mark of the Beast, will be implanted in all Americans in 2013.

The Christian right has long worried about those RFID chips. A rumor rapidly spread in Christian right circles that the Affordable Care Act, which they call “Obamacare,” would require mandatory microchipping of all Americans on March 23, 2013.  Did this happen?

If Obama wins in 2012, conservative Christians WILL lose their right to vote and their FREEDOM. 

Prior to the 2012 election it was said that if Obama won, “any Republican, conservative, independent journalist, pro-life activist, returning veteran, gun-rights activist, constitutionalist, Bible believer or critic of Obama” would lose their human rights, and that Obama would specifically “shut down and destroy all independent media.” It was also predicted, “There may not be another free and fair election in America.” On May 7, South Carolina’s first district put this prediction to the test, holding a special election to determine its new congressman. By all accounts, it was a free and fair election, and the Republican won.

Wild Beliefs

A rumor rapidly spread through the Christian right, that the military would soon start prosecuting any soldier who was out about being a Christian. Various news sources and, of course, Rep. Michele Bachmann protested this supposed new policy banning the expression of faith in the military. It is, of course, nonsense. The only military policy in play is a very old one, disallowing religious people from badgering and harassing those who don’t share their faith. Could this be coming?


A rumour spread that one in five Republicans believed that Obama is the anti-Christ, who is, for those who haven’t read the Left Behind,series, supposed to be an emissary of Satan who takes over the world and triggers an all-out war between the forces of hell and of heaven, bringing the world to an end. This one hasn’t been conclusively disproved yet, but I’m including it because it could possibly happen.

And if you want to see an action packed version of conspiracy theories, check out my three-book series – The Chronicles of Jermey Nash.


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