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December 2, 2016

The Mystery of MH730: What Really Happened?

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In recent years, we have seen several huge conspiracy theories enter public consciousness—but none as big as the disappearance of flight MH370. Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 disappeared from radars in March 2014, and until now aviation experts and investigators have confessed that they remain in the dark about what really happened to the plane… Let’s take a look at some of the more believable theories…

Plane Snatch

Early rumors held that flight MH370 could have set down at the U.S. base at Diego Garcia. The United States denied the claim, and nobody has yet come up with a reasonable explanation why the plane would land there or why its location would remain classified to this date.


Malaysia has been a target of various terrorist forces in the past. One early version claimed the plane had been hijacked and flown to Afghanistan where the plane and personnel are still being held captive in squalid conditions.

Those same theorists cannot explain why no ransom demand has been made or why the captors have not laid claim to the event.


An early theory held that the flight MH370’s Captain Zaharie Ahamad Shah or his co-pilot Farique Abdul Hamid intentionally ditched the plane in a bizarre attempt at suicide.


A very persistent theory holds that an electrical fire did enough damage to kill the passengers and crew, perhaps with smoke or toxic fumes, before bringing the plane down. This may explain why the plane flew so long on radar and why it made several graceful turns before it disappeared. On the other hand, such a fire would likely have led to distress calls which never occurred.

Did Someone Shoot It Down?

Yet another theory holds that Malaysian flight MH370 went down in flames as the result of an internal explosion or, perhaps worse, a missile fired during a joint Thai-U.S. military exercise.

Another version says the plane was deliberately shot down by the United States to protect its interests in Diego Garcia from terrorists using the plane as their missile.

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