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October 27, 2016

Some of the Wildest Conspiracy Theories Out There – Way Out There!

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Some of the wildest conspiracy theories have been thrown around in recent years. This article is about some of the most unbelievable of these theories. When you are out shopping at Walmart you may be walking above secret government tunnels. That knock at the door may be the ‘real’ “Men in Black.” Read on and discover all the things you never knew existed.


Tunnels Under Abandoned Walmarts

Not long ago, quite a few Walmart’s were shut down after it was discovered that all the stores had major plumbing issues. The managers of the stores were reportedly blindsided and had no knowledge of those plumbing issues. Due to the unusual circumstances, conspiracy theories quickly ran rampant. The most popular ones simply suggested that Walmart was trying to pull some subtle union-busting tricks, or perhaps was trying to find a better way to deal with underperforming stores. However, some people saw the government’s hand moving behind the scenes. What are these tunnels really for?

The “Real” Men In Black

These ‘government’ men usually wear dark suits, glasses, gloves, and hats—even, by all accounts, in the middle of the summer. They say they are government agents, and they tend to have odd mannerisms.

This has led people to speculate that perhaps the “Men in Black” aren’t humans and aren’t working for the government at all. The stories of these beings run the gamut of the bizarre. Some accounts describe beings who can make a coin disappear without a trace. Others say the men have almost no hair or give off the uncanny valley vibe—almost human, but not quite. Some theorists claim that during the height of the MIB sightings, even the higher-ups in the military issued reports stating that they didn’t know who these people were. Of course, if these men in black were real, it could just be that they were a very secretive part of the government that not all the top brass knew about or they could have been civilians playing their own little game. So, who are the “Men in Black?”

The Columbia Was Actually Destroyed by Alien Invaders

The Columbia disaster was a horrifying tragedy, and the world lost several highly skilled astronauts that day. After a sixteen day mission, the Columbia was reentering the Earth’s atmosphere when everything went wrong. The official report stated that, during takeoff, a rogue piece of insulating foam had put a hole in the ship’s wing. Upon reentering the atmosphere, this hole allowed the heat to spread to the rest of the shuttle, which basically tore it to pieces in the upper atmosphere.

It was a major setback for NASA, and it served as a lesson that even the smallest mistake can lead to catastrophe. However, conspiracy theorists had an entirely different idea on what had happened. They pointed out that strange lights were seen near the Columbia before it exploded. These theorists also helpfully clarified that the craft was too high up in the atmosphere to be shot down from the Earth, which they said leads to only one conclusion: Aliens blew it up. What do you think?

The Government Has Been Openly Allowing Alien Abductions For Decades

While most people might casually argue over whether aliens even exist, some people take it to another level. For the alien experts who believe in regular alien abductions, it’s not a question of whether anyone is being abducted, but by whom and for what reason. One theorist who believes in and investigates alien abductions has noted that many recent abductees claim that the government has a contract with the aliens and is secretly working with them. This contract allows the aliens to abduct people for their research in exchange for technological secrets. If abductions are real, it’s reasonable to assume that the governments would know something about it. There are thousands of satellites orbiting the Earth now, and aliens would have a pretty hard time sneaking past all of them. So, what is the truth?

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