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October 20, 2016

Some of the Most Strangest Conspiracy Theories Afoot

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In modern times, we have been hearing about some pretty strange things. This article is about some of the strangest conspiracy stories… From “reptilian” politicians to chemtrails to HAARP… these are some of the most frightening conspiracies… But how many of them do you think are real?

Phantom Time

Roman Emperor Otto III misdated the Western calendar 297 years because he liked the idea of ruling in the year 1000 AD. Otto, the Pope, and others filled in this “phantom time” with some completely made-up history the Early Middle Ages. If this is true, the current year is 1719.

The Chemtrails Mystery

Since about the mid-’90s, some people, including some more famous believers, believe the cloud-like vapor trails emitted from planes – contrails – are actually chemtrails. Chemtrails supposedly are vaporized chemicals being sprayed into the atmosphere that aim to make the population ill and control the weather. There’s a sizeable campaign in the UK devoted to raising awareness of it.


The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program was a weather-control facility, surveillance center, and mind-control hub. Its official purpose was to analyze the ionosphere. HAARP had a main facility in rural Alaska, with hundreds of large antennae rising from the ground, forming what looked like a “bionic forest”, which seems to have fueled a lot of the conspiracies.

The RAND Conspiracy Theory

The think tank RAND is working on a new world order and basically controls all of us. It has steadily used its influence to replace rights with choices since the 1950s and aims to turn the world into a completely rational one, where love and selflessness no longer exist. It uses manipulative techniques to control dissent and create a “consensus” that works in its favor. It’s part of the wider Illuminati conspiracy, where RAND is a tool to implement propaganda and social control, to help the Illuminati carry out its plans of an authoritarian world government.

The Reptilian Elite

Shape-shifting reptile aliens control Earth by taking on a human form and gaining political power to manipulate humanity. “They” are the royal family, European aristocracy, and various global leaders — including Barack Obama, and probably the Queen of England — and the rest of us are humble followers. This theory is rooted in ideas from the 1888 book The Secret Doctrine, which is a study on the origin of the universe and humanity. It’s not exactly a “fringe” theory either as some twelve million Americans believe the US government is run by lizard people – or reptilians.

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