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October 13, 2016

Roswell – Fact or Fiction?

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One of the greatest conspiracies of living memory took place at Roswell. You must know about it, right? A rancher discovered inexplicable debris in a pasture just outside of Roswell, New Mexico. The debris was said to be a crashed weather balloon, according to the local Air Force base, civilians are convinced that it’s the remains of an extra-terrestrial flying saucer. Nearly 60 years after the discovery of the mysterious debris and U.S. military issued reports citing the incident was actually a top-secret atomic espionage project named “Project Mogul”, some people still believe that we have been visited by otherworldly beings. What do you think? That’s what really matters.

Weather Balloon?

Although officials from the local Air Force claim it was pieces of a weather balloon from Project MOGUL, many embrace a much more interesting theory. The idea of a UFO is always exciting. When the Air Force made unsubstantiated claims and a variety of contradictory statements, there was fuel added to the extra-terrestrial craze. To almost everyone who saw the debris of the crash first-hand or has seen the photographs released in the newspaper, it’s very clear that whatever crashed, was not a weather balloon. But was it something more sinister?

Small Coffins?

Glen Dennis was a mortician in Roswell at the time claims to have been contacted by the military in search of several small coffins. Once he arrived at the base, he claims that things got even stranger. Later, according to Glen, a nurse even informed him that aliens had been recovered. Can the mortician be trusted?

A History of Disorder…

Extra-terrestrial beings have been described in multiple scenarios over Roswell’s history. Through time, an eerily similar account has been given from many different sources. They all speak of seeing small, thin beings with large eyes. These aliens almost sound adorable.

What Was MOGUL?

This was a top-secret atomic espionage project being held at New Mexico’s Alamogordo Air Field. The Air Force used sturdy high-altitude weather balloons to carry low-frequency sound sensors into the tropopause. The basic goal of this project was to send microphones into this sound channel to eavesdrop on nuclear tests as far away as the Soviet Union.

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