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September 9, 2016

The TOP 5 Conspiracy Theories

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When it comes to conspiracies there are certain ones that are above the rest. This blog article is all about the biggest conspiracies ever to become publicly known. From time travel, to mobsters, to Presidents this list has them all—and you may want to research these topics further.


The Philadelphia Experiment

In 1943, a US Navy destroyer was actually made invisible and teleported from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Norfolk, Virginia, in the Philadelphia Experiment or “Project Rainbow”. While records in the Operational Archives Branch of the Naval Historical Center have been examined, no proof confirms the event. Obviously, laws of nature would make the likelihood that the USS Eldridge was rendered invisible fairly slim.

Nonetheless, once the generators were turned on, the massive electromagnetic fields started to build up a fog that concealed the ship from view until the fog itself disappeared, taking the Eldridge with it. The joy of success soon dissipated, as the crew was found to be disoriented and nauseous. Months later, a final test rendered some sailors violently ill. Several went “missing.” Others lost their marbles while an unlikely lot were fused to the metal in the ship’s structure.

If this seems incredible, remember that it was also in the 1940s that the power and destruction of the atomic bomb was unleashed on innocent civilians.

Jimmy Hoffa

Jimmy Hoffa earned a reputation amongst peers as a tough and effective negotiator. After negotiating the union’s first national contract with trucking companies, the Teamsters Union membership grew to more than two million under his leadership. With time, this raised the ire of many, as Hoffa became the subject of many government investigations and prosecutions that ultimately led to his imprisonment in 1967.

Hoffa left prison in 1971, but disappeared four years later. The last time he was spotted was at Machus Red Fox restaurant in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, and we have no reason to think that it was the food that killed him. Eight years later, he was finally declared legally dead.

Hoffa took on Big Business when it wasn’t hip, only dangerous. While many respected and revered him for what he contributed to social and employment causes, many other more powerful people sought to put him into “early retirement.”

Big Tobacco’s Big Denial

The list of companies that are socially irresponsible for either hiding facts turning a blind eye or simply ravaging foreign lands just increases as the days go by. But the credit for this list must go to Big Tobacco.

For years, cigarette companies essentially made products that, when used as recommended, would kill you. After the revelation was made that cigarettes were bad for you, Big Tobacco has tried to cover up one thing after another. And while cigarette smoking has reduced, the number of tobacco-related deaths never ceases to go up.

What does not help is that between greedy lobbyists and shallow politicians (is this not a tautology?), no end seems to be in sight. What they could do is replace all of the tobacco farms with hemp and use this as a natural substitute and more natural source of paper, rope and everything else possible. Just don’t hold your breath — whatever’s left of it anyway.

Martin Luther King Jr.

In recent years, Bill Clinton asked Janet Reno to review “new evidence” presented by the family of Martin Luther King Jr. about his assassination 30 years ago. The King family claims that convicted assassin James Earl Ray, who died recently, was just a fall guy caught up in a sweeping conspiracy that included then President Lyndon Johnson, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, J. Edgar Hoover, several army units, as well as organized crime figures.

Whether there is any truth to these claims or whether Ray’s defense lawyer fabricated them remains to be seen. Surely, the original account of King’s murder was rushed by the bureaucrats at the FBI, but more rhetoric should emphasize whether or not Ray was the murderer and whether he was helped by violent white supremacists or government agencies.

To this day, numerous people could be guilty of his assassination.

John F. Kennedy

On November 22, 1963, US Democratic President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was shot in Dallas, Texas. While initial reports named the shooter as Lee Harvey Oswald, several events have since questioned this. Within days, Jack Ruby shot and killed Oswald in front of hundreds of people — obviously to shut him up.

Moreover, several people still wonder what involvement the Kennedy brothers played in Marilyn’s death and ask whether JFK’s death was a result of a settling of accounts. In recent years, Oliver Stone’s take on the assassination raised even more questions, as JFK could have been the target of various individuals and groups.

And if you want to see an action packed version of conspiracy theories, check out my three-book series – The Chronicles of Jermey Nash.


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