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August 26, 2016

More Doppelgangers

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We are taking a break this week from the BEK encounters to talk about another strange series of occurrences that are taking place across the United States. Doppelgangers. We have already shared some of these stories—which have been very popular with readers. These are situations when an unsuspecting person runs into a carbon copy of themselves. Nobody really knows the truth about doppelgangers—but take a look at this encounter and see what you think about it.


In the summer of 1978, I was out of school for the school holidays. I was eleven years old, or so and I had been in my room playing when I went to my family’s kitchen. We lived in rural Idaho. My mother, father and I lived with my grandmother. My grandmother was sitting in her rocker with a strange, puzzled expression on her face and asked me, “What do you need a dollar for?” I knew nothing about wanting a dollar, and I asked her what she was talking about. She said that I had come downstairs and had asked her for some money. When I said that I hadn’t she believed me. She said that sometimes ‘strange things happen—and that sometimes things can look, act and feel like humans, but they aren’t.”

After that she grasped me and held me in her arms. We prayed together, and I truly felt a bond with a grandmother who had never been that interested in me. As we hugged the room felt deathly cold and the front and back doors flew open with a huge gust of wind. I will never forget the incident. My grandmother was a very wise woman. I still wonder to this day who, what and why something would want to impersonate me? Sometimes I think it was just a spirit trying to help me bond with my grandmother—other times I think it’s something more sinister. It never happened again though, and I am thankful for that. What do you make of that?

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