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August 17, 2016

Looking for Beta Readers

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I’ve just completed my new historical fiction novel entitled IJIN and am looking for beta reviewers to read the story and hopefully provide a pre-publication review that I can send along with my submission package to publishers.

IJIN is in the vein of ‘Winds or War’ with twist – but from the Japanese side of the Pacific War. The twist is a story of a young American boy adopted by a Japanese family who has to grow up and come of age against the backdrop of WWII Japan. In the process he joins the kamikaze to attack the American Fleet off Okinawa.

If the book is published I will send you a signed copy for your help.

If you are interested, please email me at

Here’s the prologue to the story that will give you a good idea what it’s about and how it unfolds.


August 1945


I think of death.

 I sit in a cold, dank cell in the darkened bowels of a military prison in Hiroshima. As I await my execution, I think about another who is also facing death. He was a remarkable young boy; an innocent soul that was coming of age against the backdrop of this ill-conceived war that my country has waged for these past nine dreadful years.

 The story I’m about to tell is my recollection of that boy, maturing amidst this war, with whom I was thrown into contact with over a period of years. It was a war that had cost the lives of millions of my fellow countrymen who bled in the belief of superiority, who burned in the cities that were built on false promises; men who did their duty but ultimately lost their humanity. It was a war of national suicide and the personal perversity of hundreds of thousands of people; a polite and cultured people gone mad – and that young boy, now a teenager, who was tormented by this war, placed himself in harm’s way and was thrown into the turmoil of a plot to overthrow an Emperor.

 Whether it was out of fear, revenge, honor, or personal salvation, I couldn’t say. But this American teenager placed himself of his own free will in the pilot’s seat of a Mitsubishi Zero, joining other young Kamikaze pilots hell-bent on attacking the powerful American fleet off our coast. 

 How did this young American teenage boy arrive at such a strange and startling fate? Perhaps I should start at the beginning.








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