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August 4, 2016

The Black-Eyed People Strike Down Under

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Since we started sharing these stories of Black-Eyed Kids we have been contacted by a number of people. This tale comes from a reader in Australia who came face-to-face with these kids, and wanted to share his story.

I have been reading a lot of stories about the Black Eyed People lately. I want to share my experience with one of them. This took place in March 2005. I live in Australia and March is the beginning of fall, but the nights can still be quite warm. I was working at a coffee shop in the city at the time and decided to walk home that night. It would take me around forty-five minutes to walk home but figured, what the hey.

I was about half way home and it was already dark. It would have been about 7 p.m. I was just walking past my local library when I noticed a homeless guy who I’d seen around our neighborhood the last few months. He was heading toward me up the sidewalk.

I knew I didn’t like this guy because he was always grinning and staring at me and as I came closer, I made a point of avoiding eye contact. For some reason, as I was passing him, I looked up and into his eyes. They were completely black. Just as the other encounters have mentioned– there was not a single speck of white to be found in his eyes.

He was also grinning at me, all teeth bared and I instantly felt like turning to run. I mean these people absolutely make you feel terrified. It’s like nothing I can explain. Even your bones feel shaky.

I remember being shocked and scared and I raced home as fast as I could. I turned back once and he was just standing there staring after me. When I got home, I told my boyfriend, but he brushed me off. I don’t know who or what this guy was, but I’ve never forgotten it and neither will you if you run into them.

I have been trying to learn all I can about these people. It seems strange to me that they are called Black-Eyed Kids when so many of the incidents concern Black-Eyed Adults.



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