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July 14, 2016

The Black-Eyed Kid Who Stole Christmas

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Recently there has been a lot of talk about “BEK’s” or “Black-Eyed Kids.” People who have experienced this strange phenomenon have reported these kids to be creepy beyond relief. I have been reading a lot of these stories and would like to share some with you. These kids may be “myth,” or real—what do you think?

This story comes from a young guy who experienced these “Black-Eyed Kids.” Let’s relive his terror…


In my family, I’m the youngest, being sixteen. I have four older brothers, but they’re all married and living away from home. For some reason, I am the earliest person to wake up in our house, sometimes at around four in the morning. A few months ago, just after Christmas, I got up as usual and the whole house was dark and quiet, save the monotonous hum of the refrigerator. I walked into the family room to turn on our Christmas tree. I turned it on and the room glowed.

Right after I turned the lights on, I felt this horrible feeling in my stomach that someone was watching me. I didn’t even want to turn around for fear of seeing someone standing there. I did anyway. I decided to let some light into the room—so I turned on the lights and opened the curtains. What I saw took me by surprise. Outside of the window was this person staring at me. He looked as though he were my age, and he was as solid as I am. I stood there in terror watching him staring at me. its eyes were totally black. He mouthed something at me. I didn’t hear it through my ears—but in my head. He wanted me to let him in.

The Christmas tree lights suddenly flickered and buzzed strangely and the smoke detectors all went off, letting out an ear-splitting screech through the house, and the “thing” was gone. My dad woke up from the beeping and suddenly all the smoke detectors simultaneously turned off. I haven’t told anyone what I saw—but after reading all the accounts on the internet I wanted to share this story. It seems different to the other stories that have been told. I do think this “person” was a “Black-Eyed Kid,” and I do believe it meant me harm.


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