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July 8, 2016

Korean Urban Myths

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Are you looking to vacation in Korea? You may be excited… but there are a number of urban myths you should be aware of. Some may say that you would be taking your life in your hands to step into a taxi in Seoul… others may say that these myths are completely fake… but I couldn’t possibly comment. Take a look for yourself…

Slit-Mouthed Woman

The story goes that children walking alone late at night will be stopped by this mysterious woman with a red surgical face mask on. She will stop the child and ask “Am I pretty?”. If the child responds no, she will kill him with a pair of scissors. If he response yes, she will remove her mask and reveal that her face has been slit from ear to ear. After prompting again, if the child responds no, she will cut him in half; if he responds yes, she will cut his mouth open just like hers.

Two Down

At the scene of a serious car accident, a man found a photograph of a beautiful girl with her hands in a peace sign. He decided that the picture was lovely and kept it with him in his car. A few days later, he had a fatal car accident.

The Organ Harvesting Taxis

This urban legend gained immense popularity that warned of taxi cabs that harvested customer’s organs. As retold in the conversation, a drunk man who took a cab around the City Hall was stabbed in the neck with a needle. Next thing he knew, he was abandoned in a farm field and bleeding from his stomach. It does not end there however, as a visit to the doctor revealed one of his kidneys had been taken.

The Currency Ghost

The story goes, a Mr. Kim of the Korean Mint was away on a business trip when his daughter was abducted, dismembered, and murdered. Unfortunately, the culprit was never caught.

To appease her ghost, it is said that the Mint placed images of her various body parts into the prints of Korean currency.


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