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June 3, 2016

Urban Legends That Keep You Up at Night

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Is there anything creepier than a dead bride?

Not likely because stories of these tragic ladies crop up all over the world.

The Suscan Screamer



On Suscan Road in Pennsylvania, under what used to be called the Susquehanna Railroad Bridge, yet another of these legends has taken hold. According to many locals, if you drive onto the bridge, turn off your car, put the keys on the roof, and wait, you will be able to see the Suscan Screamer in your rearview mirror. Most stories agree that she is the ghost of a woman who hung herself on the bridge after being dumped at the altar. She was supposed to have screamed loudly as she jumped to her death.

There are other stories from the same area, including a creature that had “webbed feet with long claws and had a huge head. “Bigfoot-like encounters are also allegedly common in the region. Maybe someone should ask the dead bride if she’s seen anything suspicious the next time she pops into their backseat.

The Ghost of Stow Lake

ghost_picture_woman_in_white 1 n

Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, California is pretty well-known for its paranormal stories. If you believe locals, it is so full of spirits that you run the risk of crashing straight into one while jogging. One ghost story has been the most popular and circulated, ever since it appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle on January 6, 1908. That’s the story of the Ghost of Stow Lake. The newspaper piece starts with a man named Arthur Pigeon. He was going just a bit too fast in his car when he was pulled over by police. But he told the officers it wasn’t his fault, as he was trying to get away! He claimed to have seen the ghost of a woman at Stow Lake. She had “long, fair hair and was barefooted. “The legends always claim this woman was a mother who lost a child, or else killed her child and then herself. America seems to be full of women offing themselves and their offspring.

Patterson Road


In Houston, Texas, cultural memories of the Civil War have sparked numerous urban legends. One of the creepiest is centered around Patterson Road, located near Highway Six. The claims here tend to differ, depending on whom you ask. However, everyone agrees that the ghosts involved were Civil War soldiers. Because, as we all know, every bit of land someone from that period walked across has become a ghostly hot spot by default. Believers say that if you go onto the Langham Creek Bridge on Patterson at night and park your car with the lights off, you will hear tapping or see a mist surround your car. More skeptical locals will point out that parking your car with your lights off on a busy bridge is a good way to become a ghost yourself.



Some urban legends are created by adults who want to scare their kids into behaving. Anyone who grew up with Mexican parents will be well used to this method, and probably still feel a deep-seated fear of El Cucuy. Other stories are more likely to have been made up by your jerk older brother who wants to freak you out. Such is the case of the Goatman of Beltsville, Maryland. Who is the Goatman? There is no official story, but most claim a scientist at the Beltsville Agricultural Research Center did experiments on goats. This somehow led to him actually becoming part goat, a kind of animal-human hybrid.He is said to roam the backwoods of Fletchertown Road, attacking people and cars with his axe. Why a scientist-turned-goatman would carry an axe isn’t explained.

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