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April 28, 2016

Man’s Best Friend – Even It’s a Ghost

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I know you’ve been waiting to hear about last week’s mystery. Was it true, or false? It was, in fact, true! You can read that myth here, if you missed it…

I lost my 16-year-old dog, Blondie, to cancer. Since then, he returns occasionally at night to visit. More often he will jump up on my bed at night, always at my feet as he always did. This wakes me.


Then I feel him walk up to my knees and sometimes the small of my back and lie down. The sheets tighten and I can feel every step of his weight as he walks up. I also feel his body heat in the area where he lies. Usually, I just roll slightly, stroke the area where he lies and return to sleep.

One night I heard Blondie barking in my sleep. Even though I reached my hand out to pat him—he wasn’t there. But he kept on barking. I woke up to find my room filled with smoke. My house was on fire. I rushed downstairs and tried to open the door. I normally lock it—but for some reason that day the door was open. As soon as I stepped outside I could see that my house was completely ravaged by fire. Blondie saved my life that night.

So, did a phantom dog really save its owner from cremation? Do our pets really return from the grave to help us in our time of need?

Find out next week if this story is true, or false, and until then… sleep well!

For more urban myths fictionalized in exciting action/adventure stories, check out my book series ‘The Chronicles of Jeremy Nash‘.



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