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April 22, 2016

The Ghost Didn’t Say Goodbye

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I know you’ve been waiting to hear about last week’s mystery. Was it true, or false? It was actually true! You can read that myth here, if you missed it…

One night my mother told me that we could sleep over. She lived in a block of flats that old people lived in. There were two bedrooms; her room and the guest room. The guest room was quite small and contained antique, or at least old furniture. There was a double bed with a mahogany headboard that had a cord-pull light attached to it. To the left of the bed was a mahogany tall boy and right in front of the bed was a mahogany dressing table and chair. The dressing table had three mirrors on it; one big center one and two smaller side ones that could be angled to show you the back of your head. My little sister was snoring so loudly that in the middle of the night I woke up, but I was also hot, so very hot and that also made me wake up. The bed had loads of blankets on it and I reached out and pulled the cord on the light so that I could see to push some of the blankets off me.


As I sat up, I found myself looking straight into the mirror. In the mirror there was an old, slim lady with white curly hair. She was wrapped in a huge white bath towel. Her head was bent down as if she was looking at the ground. With her arms crossed in front of herself, she was rubbing her upper arms with the ends of the towel. The room she was in was different to the guest room – it had brown wood paneling on the wall that stopped 3/4 or 4/5ths of the way up. It was finished off with a picture rail around it. Then the lady stopped rubbing her arms and she lifted her head and she looked up at me and smiled.

I slid under that ton of blankets and stayed there, with the light still on, until the room filled with daylight. I KNOW I was not dreaming. I was scared out of my wits. I have gone over that episode so many, many, many times in my mind and although as an eight-year-old child I was petrified; as an adult I also know that this spirit did not hurt me, nor did she do anything that makes me think she wanted to hurt me. Who she was or what she wanted me to see her for is a mystery to me.

So are the undead really coming back haunt people? Are the ghosts of yesterday still lingering around today? Would you be able to live through this occurrence??

Find out next week if this story is true, or false, and until then… sleep well!

For more urban myths fictionalized in exciting action/adventure stories, check out my book series ‘The Chronicles of Jeremy Nash‘.



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