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April 15, 2016

The Poltergeist That Wouldn’t Give Up

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I know you’ve been waiting to hear about last week’s mystery. Was it true, or false? It was true! You can read that myth here, if you missed it… This week we are going to meet with a couple who have been haunted by a poltergeist.

As we pulled into the driveway, I looked at this house and, thought, I saw a very dark shadow in the window. I did think it was the realtor coming to welcome me into the house. When we found out that nobody was inside the house I just told myself that I was stressed and tired and it was nothing. The next day we arrived back at the apartment and unpacked a few more things.


I decided to shower and get some sleep. My future husband was finishing up moving a few things around for me while I showered. I heard him at the bathroom door and he asked me what it was I needed. He says he heard me holler for him to “come here now.” I hadn’t said anything. He later commented that the voice was eerily like mine, but different. He could never put his finger on what was different about the voice. I have heard that poltergeists can replicate the voices of those it is near.

After getting out of the shower, I sat down and told him I was afraid to stay there alone. He understood, and agreed to stay. After he showered and we lay down and turned the lights off, we talked for an hour or so. Then we both said goodnight, and I turned over to get some sleep.

After a few minutes we heard a noise in the kitchen. We both sat up in bed, and looked over towards the stairs. We could both hear footsteps coming towards the stairs. The steps then went back into the kitchen and we could hear the refrigerator door slowly opening all the way, it then paused open for minutes, and then it just closed.

I lived there for several months and every night something happened. From pots and pans banging in the kitchen, to a voice screaming in the middle of the night. I started to ask the neighbors about the history of the house—but nobody really had any information. It started to get so bad that I really did consider just dumping the place and moving on. My father kept asking me to stay as he had paid several months of rent in advance, and doubted he would get his money back. It kept going on until one night I was literally lying asleep on the bed and the bed started violently shaking. I didn’t open my eyes. I just lay there in terror. The next morning, I called my future husband and he collected me. I moved into his place.

Years later I asked my father about the deal he had made when he rented the house for me. He told me that the realtor had told him that the house had been empty for many years after the previous owner had died. The house had been completely redecorated and used as a family home by a family who had left the house shortly after moving in. Dad had brokered a deal with the realtor for me to have a full house at a quarter of the cost. Nobody I have spoken to has ever been able to tell me any reason for the house to be so haunted—yet it is.

Is this terrifying tale of live after death true? Are poltergeists really haunting normal American couples every single day? Do you believe that the undead truly want to cause us harm?

Find out next week if this story is true, or false, and until then… sleep well!

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