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January 27, 2016

WOW!! That Was Quick!

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The first editorial review of Gunfight at Black Ridge is in on Amazon. You can pre-order my newest foray into  my next genre here.


After a climactic end to a battle, a lone survivor marches out of the Civil War into the post-war American West. It is a beautifully written book, hazy and golden, it’s not like Fiore’s other work, at all.

“Black Ridge” is an obvious solution to the problem with westerns today. A third of the geriatric Westerns being written have afforded new employment for the wrinkles and creases of old men trying their hand at writing. It’s when you read a book like this one that you realize that the vitality of westerns is still alive, and well. In Fiore’s hands a simple story becomes a bonanza.

Colson Rodgers leaves the war to return home. There he finds that the life he left behind has gone forever. The friends he trusted, may not be trustworthy and the girl he saved on the journey home… may be the one who makes everything better. Action-packed, riveting to the end and, hopefully, the first of a slew of westerns from Fiore.

R Thomas
Western Writers Guild



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