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August 19, 2015

The New Visigoths

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These samples and many others represent an attack on our culture and civilization.

Those that seek to bring down all the foundations of what is termed ‘Western Civilization’ and Judeo-Christian values are no more than barbarians at the gates. They are our modern day Visigoths who sacked another Western Civilization – Rome in 410 AD.

The systematic attempt of radicals of dismantling our culture piece by piece must be stopped – no matter what the idealistic agenda.

Yes. Western Civilization is not perfect but it brought us Capitalism – not the crony capitalism of corrupt governments – that is emulated in some form all round the world. It partook in, then eliminated slavery, with the cost of over half of million American lives in the Civil War. And has given the world a culture of music, literature, philosophy and art that still stands today as part of the greatest achievements of mankind.

The weave of civilization is very vulnerable and if we keep pulling on its threads, we will have no social fabric left.

The Visigoths would have won.


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