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December 29, 2014

Review My New 5 Star Novel MURRAN and Get 5 Star Rated THE ORACLE for FREE!

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Review my new novel MURRAN is getting rave reviews. And if you buy a copy, I will send you THE ORACLE for your KINDLE – FREE.

  • First, purchase MURRAN.
  • Second, review the book on Amazon.
  • Third, send me an email pointing to your review at
  • Fourth, I gift you an eBook copy of THE ORACLE

MURRAN synopsis:

Trey wanted to belong. He wanted respect. He wanted to be a man. With his father dead and his mother a drug addict, Trey and his sister Nichelle are forced to go live with their grandmother in Brooklyn. Surrounded by inner-city crime and conflicting ideologies, Trey seeks security and recognition by becoming a member of a small street crew. When he’s framed for a crime and facing prison, Trey flees to a Maasai village in Kenya with his English teacher and mentor, Mr. Jackson. though initially repulsed by the Maasai customs, Trey slowly comes to value their traditions and morals. As he goes through the Maasai warriors’ rite of passage becoming one of their own, he learns what Black African culture is truly about. Only after confronting lions, disapproving Maasai elders, and his own fears does Trey begin to understand that men are made and not born. Honest and unafraid, Murran is a tale of a young African-American teen coming of age amidst the pitfalls and threats of a 1980s Brooklyn. What he learns along the way could possibly lead his community toward a cultural revival.

ORACLE synopsis:

The ORACLE consists of a series of episodic short stories that combine the likes of Ray Bradbury’s the ILLUSTRATED MAN, Rod Serling’s the TWILIGHT ZONE and the short stories of JEFFREY ARCHER. The ORACLE consists of a series of short stories tied together by means of a background story – a story within a story (similar to Ray Bradbury’s “Illustrated Man”). And like the Jeffrey Archer and Twilight Zone stories, the Oracle short stories are written with surprise endings.

Such a  deal! Two 5 Star rated books for the price of ONE.


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