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December 22, 2014

It’s Come to This – How the Left Stole Christmas

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The Left has finally gone out of its mind. Nothing is sacred to these philistines. Now they are going after children’s belief in Santa Claus and the Virgin Mary.

The Leftist magazine Salon, wishes you a rapey Christmas. What’s that you ask? Well in keeping with their demeaning of women, Salon chose this week to offer two dyspeptic and nonsensical takes on religion, the most outrageous of which argues that one has to support rape in order to be Christian.

That’s correct. God raped the Virgin Mary.

Does Salon go out of its way to promote the scummiest writers they can find? This is Christmas for crying out loud! This is their version of holiday cheer?

But not to be outdone, the elitists at our vaulted universities go one better. Take away Santa Clause from children.

And he isn’t alone in his critiques. Dr. David Kyle Johnson penned a piece in 2012 for Psychology Today titled, “Let’s Bench The Elf on the Shelf,” during which he, too, discussed the potential pitfalls of the children’s tradition.

Johnson, who has also vocally argued against lying about Santa in the past, believes that the “Elf on the Shelf is basically a steroid shot for the Santa Lie.”

“Your children rely on you to give them accurate information about the way the world is, and you should want them to trust and believe what you say,” he wrote. “But finding out that you have been lying to them – and even been playing an elaborate joke on them … has the possibility of significantly eroding their ability to trust you.”


We used to laugh at and pity characters in movies and books who didn’t believe in Santa and made their children into little Nietzsches. Are Leftist brains that vacant and c rule that would take Santo Claus from children? Is this another form of ridiculous child abuse which the Left is so fond of championing against? Are they so willing to remove the innocent wishes and dreams of childhood.

These Neanderthals should consider this.

Those who no longer wish, no longer dream. And those who lose their dreams lose their hopes. And those who lose hope are easy to control. The freedom to live comes directly from the freedom to dream.

But that’s what the Grinche Left is all about. Restricting ones freedom.


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