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December 19, 2014

Teens Rite of Passage and Proper Decision Making

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The main theme of my new novel MURRAN is one of a teen’s rite of passage. Trey, the main character in the story, must find his way through difficult decisions – life and death decisions.

Though the decisions that teens must make are not so drastic as those posed to Trey, they do point to how teens are making decisions today – and how much good parenting helps teens make responsible decisions.

The national organization Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) and Liberty Mutual Insurance conduct an annual survey of teenagers in America to identify ways to help teens make better decisions. This year’s Teens Today report relates to how teens handle important transitions in their lives and the impact of those “rites of passage” on their decision making.

About Parenting writes:

The Teens Today report reveals that “high school teens whose parents pay the least attention to significant transition periods (45%) such as puberty, school change, and key birthdays are more likely than teens whose parents pay the most attention (81%) to engage in high risk behaviors, including drinking, drug use, early sexual intercourse, and dangerous driving. They are twice as likely to report daily stress and appear to be twice as likely to report being depressed and bored.”

What are some of the important rites of passage that teens go through and have to make RESPONSIBLE decisions on?

 According to the Teens Today report, these transition points or rites of passage include:

  • Puberty
  • Moving to a New School
  • Birthdays
  • Getting a Drivers License
  • Obtaining a First Car
  • Graduating from High School
  • First Date

The Teens Today report is telling—-a parent being there with their teens at the crossroads of their young lives is critical to their behavioral choices and to their feelings about themselves.

These ‘crossroads’ in a teen’s life, so to speak, would be made less difficult if parents would help them through this rite of passage and the ability to make responsible decisions from them.


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