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November 15, 2014

The Internet Been ‘Bery, Bery Good to Me’ – Once Again

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In November of 2009 I wrote a post on my blog telling how the Internet was the prime reason for finding me a commercial publisher. The Internet has been bery, bery good for my writing career. In fact, I can point to the Net as the prime factor of any success I have had in publishing my writings.

I can add to that artilce now, with the publication of my new novel MURRAN.

Before MURRAN was totally completed, I hired a publicist on the Net referred to me by one of my followers.   His task was to promote my then self-published ebooks. He did a pretty good job getting me visibility for my books and sold more than I normally would over a three month period.

I told him about MURRAN and he became very interested in the project and helped me acquire pre-publication quotes for the book. On one occasion I asked him if he knew of any publishers that might be interested in publishing my works. I thought to myself – What the heck. Doesn’t hurt to ask.

He referred me’ with his personal recommendation’ to two that he had worked with. One of them was Indigo River Publishing.

I arranged a phone call and discovered they did read my ebooks and were impressed with my writing. Then the publisher asked me a question.

“What book have you written would you like to be known for?”

I thought a moment and said, “None.”

That set him aback and he asked why. I told him the book I wanted to be known for and the one that had the chance to make me a noted author was one I was just finishing now – MURRAN.

He wanted to see it and when he did – they loved it.

So, there you go. Again the Net was the prime factor of my publishing success.


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