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September 4, 2014

MURRAN – A Positive Role for Teen Boys

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Saw an interview by a writer or publisher the other day. Can’t remember which.

At any rate, she was talking about the latest trend in fiction – the female warrior.

Books and movies adapted from them project new role models for young teens. Positive role models of challenges faced and then overcome that force the young female to overcome adversity and projects a ‘warrior’ behavior that is positive and leads to self-development.

Three books mentioned as examples of this new trend were the Twilight series, Divergent and the Hunger Games.

What about teen boys? What role models are presented to them for warrior emulation?

Teen boys have two choices. Either violent video games where warriors commit murder, mayhem or worse – or the opposite. The diary of a Whimpy Kid.

Neither one is a positive approach to living the life of a warrior and the challenges of life. The current video games that entertain teen boys show unbridled violence as the answer to adversity. Warriors in a negative light instead of a positive one.

I wrote MURRAN to show teen boys a way to live as a warrior. A warrior that practices the positive growth development that all teen boys need and is so lacking in today’s entertainment venues.

Perhaps, if MURRAN catches on, it will start a trend.


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