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April 30, 2014

MURRAN Marketing

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As we approach the release of MURRAN, my marketing strategy will be two fold.

The conservative black community has had a difficult time trying to get their message out of conservative values. After six years and two majority elections of a black president, the promise of one America by Obama – “Not a black America or a white America. Not a red state America or a blue state America” – has failed to materialize.

We are a divided America with race being only one of the many dividing lines.

The conservative black community and those of similar political stance has tried to promote a positive message to the black community but they are shouted down by those using the popular ‘race card’ thus silencing debate.

I’m hoping that MURRAN will supply a positive message of blacks in this country and Trey, the protagonist in the book, a positive role model for black youth – even though it will be viewed and criticized as being politically incorrect.

To this end, we are first going to market the book to the black conservative community – black conservative organizations, writers, columnists, politicians, and noted conservative individuals and celebrities – and ask them to help promote the book and it’s positive message.

The second strategy is to send MURRAN to well known political and individual ‘race baiters’ and try and get an irrational reaction from them to create a buzz in certain political quarters.

We’ll see how this marketing strategy enfolds.


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