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September 30, 2013

MURRAN Contracted by Publisher

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Great News! Signed with Indigo River Publishing to publish my new novel MURRAN.

MURRAN is my first mainstream novel. Though in the past, I have written in the techno-thriller, action/adventure and SyFy speculative fiction genres, MURRAN is unlike anything I’ve written before.

MURRAN is the story of a young African-American boy named Trey coming of age in the 1980s, and his rite of passage to adulthood. Trey is a member of a ‘crew’ in Brooklyn and is enticed into helping a violent drug gang. He is eventually framed for murder and flees with his high school teacher to his Maasai village in Kenya. There, Trey learns what a true Black African and African culture is, goes through the Maasai warrior’s rite of passage, becomes a young shaman, and returns to America to confront the gang leader that framed him. 

I expect MURRAN to do well. Not only because reviewers have praised it as a well-written timely story, but also, due to its politically incorrect controversial subject matter, it will raise eyebrows in certain quarters of our racially charged society.

Here are some brief reviews received from my beta readers.

“A decided departure from Cyberkill and the Nash Chronicles, Murran shows a maturity in pacing.  While Cyberkill and Nash (by their nature) create an action-adventure feel by quickly moving from scene to scene, my fear in starting Murran was that a more dramatic story requires a different pace to set the mood.  And, this manuscript met the task – pulling the reader along but never making the storyline feel rushed.”

~ Chris Matney, Publisher, Trapdoor Books

Murran held my attention. The writing was strong and the message clear. This book is not really about race in my opinion; it’s about where, what and how you grow up. It’s about that moment when you realize you need to find something extra if you want to be a man. I loved it. The gang descriptions were great, and the whole book felt very real to me.”

~ Terry Irving, Emmy-winning News Journalist and Author. 

“Murran is going to get called racist, the Liberals can’t help but call books like this racist. But I will tell you this, the book is exquisite!”

~ Patrick McMillan, Happiness Guru and Author.

“Murran” is a book that will be essential reading in schools for years to come. It is the ultimate read revolving around race relations. I picked the book up expecting another trawl through the same-old “poor me” inner city slum sob-story. What did I get? A thought-provoking, beautiful coming-of-age story that will have you hooked from page one.”

~ Nick Wale

And finally from the publisher

“I gave the first ten chapters of Murran a solid read. I expected to jump around more, like I normally would, but I was actually pretty well-hooked by the story. It’s compelling, challenging, and vibrant. I think that Frank is clearly a well-practiced writer who has an ease about his story-telling. He is unafraid to write any type of character, even those with real darkness. This allows more depth in his writing and more color to his stories.”

Let’s see if my reading public feels the same when MURRAN is released.



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