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August 23, 2013

How to Write a Novel – Historical Fiction with a Twist!

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If you’ve been following these posts on how I’m writing my next novel – GAIGEN – you would see the thought processes I am using to construct a unique story.

As I have mentioned in prior posts about my latest novel, MURRAN, it has been described as a crime drama with a twist. It seems I’m developing GAIGIN in a similar fashion. But this time it’s historical fiction with a twist.

I had an epiphany a couple of weeks ago. I realized after looking at the notes I have gathered so far, I have three threads running through the story – a conspiracy thread, a wartime thread, and the thread of the young American teen coming of age in wartime Japan. Both the conspiracy and wartime threads is based on historic fact while the coming of age thread is totally fictitious.

The conspiracy thread covers the historical takeover of political Japan by the ultranationalists and militarists through the use of intimidation and assassinations. Both historical figures and fictional figures reflect this thread. These fictional characters reflect historical events in Japan from 1936 to 1945 with the actual attempted overthrow of the Emperor.

The wartime thread follows Japan’s victories and defeats through the eyes of the Japanese family and their connections that the young American boy is raised by. The family experiences in wartime Japan is similar to the historical fiction novel ‘Winds of War’ – war seen through the eyes of a fictional family.

The coming of age thread is totally fictitious. After all – how many American teens you know became kamikaze pilots!

The trick is to tie these three threads together – year-by-year – with a believable story.  Let’s see how I do.

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