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August 21, 2013

New 5 Star Reviews for THE ORACLE

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The great reviews on my new book of speculative and Syfy fiction short stories THE ORACLE keep coming in. Here are the latest.

It has been a longtime since someone has been able to write something like this. Being a fan of science fiction I really enjoyed it. I was brought back to the twilight zone with it. A required reading for all science fiction fans. Definitely a five star read.

Mike Walsh

Frank Fiore has a keeper in this book. I had not thought about Twilight Zone in, okay let’s just say eons, and when I started Oracle,I was right back in front of the television and the unexpected staring back at me. This time from words, not a TV screen. There were no commercials and I did not have to wait for next week’s episode. Oracle will keep you up until the last page is turned. The characters are odd, compelling, and leave the reader with, are they for real? Hey, remember Twilight Zone, we never knew if this was real, planned, or unreal. Frank’s characters leave you with these same feelings. Am I really reading this and better yet, am I in this story. Most of the time I felt drawn into the depths of the unexplained. Great writing and look for more.

Patricia Patterson

And please remember, If you do write a review of THE ORACLE, I will send you the complete boxed set of the Chronicles of Jeremy Nash.

Such a deal!


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