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July 24, 2013

How to Write a Novel – MURRAN as a Model for GAIJIN ?

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My current novel MURRAN, which is being reviewed by my beta readers, and like GAIJIN, is primarily a coming of age story of a young American teenager in a non-western culture. But now I believe both stories are something else.

My story polisher for MURRAN called it a new approach to a crime drama.  I didn’t think much of his comment at the time since I was focused primarily on the ‘coming of age’ theme MURRAN. Then, a beta reviewer said something similar. He called MURRAN a new twist on a crime drama.

That got me thinking. Perhaps, inadvertently, it seems I created a crime story as a backdrop to the ‘coming of age’ theme for the main character who is caught up in it. That was what made MURRAN such a unique story.

So what’s the backdrop storyline for GAIJIN? At first it was to be the Pacific War of World War II. And though I will have the characters experience and change by the wartime events as the Allies drive closer to the main islands of Japan, I now believe I need a stronger more interesting story for the reader.

GAIJIN just can’t be an historical experience through the eyes of the characters.  GAIJIN cannot be just an historical fiction novel. Just as in MURRAN, the backdrop to GAIJIN must be an interesting story that builds to a final gripping conclusion.

In MURRAN, it was the crime drama. In GAIJIN, it will be a militarist conspiracy that begins with assassinations of the democratic government, the persecution and arrest of the ‘peace lobby’ that finally leads to a military coup against the Emperor to prevent the surrender of Japan – even in the face of its potential annihilation as a people through the atomic bomb.



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