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July 10, 2013

The Second Computer Revolution, Government Spying – and My Novel CYBERKILL

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It’s interesting to see elements of my first novel CYBERKILL becoming the reality of the day – as if they were not already.

The first few drafts of CyberKill were filled with quite a lot of technology and other information pertaining to government programs in an attempt to make the novel as informative and pertinent as possible. But in the process of some fine advice, editing and story polishing that I received, some of that material was deleted.

Too bad we didn’t keep these pieces of information described by the characters in the final version. It would have foreshadowed the NSA spying programs of today.

So why the problems? Why can’t our leaders get a handle on today’s technology?

First of all, information technology is getting very complex – and moving faster every day. The politicians can’t keep up with it. They have to talk to the techno geeks – corporate people, beltway advisors, academic elites, and the like – to help them understand what’s going on. In effect, letting the experts set the agenda, even influencing the politician’s decisions on what to do and what policies and laws to enact.

You know. Un-elected advisors.

But we didn’t elect those technocrats to make policy decisions regarding technology. We elected representatives. But they know so little about the effects of all this technology that they concede to the advisors and, more often than not, legislate what they say.

The June 2013 issue of WIRED magazine gets into the weeds of the matter. In an article entitled ‘Welcome to the Programmable World’ the prognosticators predict that soon – very soon – that in our houses, cars, and factories, we’ll be surrounded by tiny, intelligent devices that capture data about how we live and what we do.

Take the RFID tags. They’re miniscule microchips that are quickly being attached to the products we wear, eat and carry. These ‘chips’ have shrunk to half the size of a grain of sand and listen for a radio query, then respond by transmitting their unique ID code. With RFID, your fridge at home will tell you when your milk has spoiled or if you’re out of butter. The DoD uses RFID to track 300,000 containers of equipment in 40 countries everyday. In the not so distant future, RFID chips will monitor and track your money, your passport, even your medicine intake.

It becomes easy to imagine a scenario where everything you buy that’s more expensive than a Mars bar, for example, will sport RFID tags. That raises the possibility of being tracked through our personal possessions. And the guys who make the decisions in our government are going along with it. Why? Because they think it’s good for the country.

Now our interconnected devices are beginning to talk to one another.

I’m speaking of the ad where ‘your dryer speaks to the washer and your washer speaks to the dryer’.  What are they talking about – really? And what are they saying behind our backs?

Once all of these chips start talking to one another, they’re going to make the world move much faster, more efficiently and at speeds that humans couldn’t match. This is known as the Second Computer Revolution where humans are left out of the loop and where it is headed is anyone’s guess.

But it gets better.

PRISM new to you? That’s only the latest iteration of programs that have been running for years.

Ever hear of the IAO or the TIA? IOA is the Information Awareness Office. It’s an agency established in 2002 to provide the government with total information awareness in the wake of 9-11.

It was a DARPA agency by the way – those wonderful people who brought you the Internet? What you may not know of the IAO is that it’s suppose to supply government officials with an instant analysis of what was written, emailed and said on phones all over the US.

And here’s one for you conspiracy freaks. The logo of the IAO displays the Illuminati Seal as part of its logo. The agency tasked with spying on Americans adopted a seal connected to one of the biggest and well-known conspiracy theories throughout history – the Illuminati Brotherhood!

And the TIA?

The Total Information Awareness system is just one of the foot soldiers of the IAO.

Other programs that are supposed to be watching, listing and tracking what we do around the whole globe work under the names of Genoa and Genoa II, ECHELON, NIMD, and LifeLog. Look them yourself. If you believe in black helicopters and that our new currency has a secret tracking mechanism in it, then these programs all point to the goal of tracing the threads of an individuals life – every email sent, every phone call made, every TV show watched, every magazine read, and everything purchased in one’s life.

I guess my novel CYBERKILL was well ahead of the news we hear today.

Was that a knock I heard on my door?


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