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April 29, 2013

How to Write a Novel – The Thematic Thread

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Pursuing marinating in the material. Ready to jot down a draft of the thematic thread. A thematic thread is defined as:

A metaphoric element, literary or cinematic device used within a film to weave an underlying message or theme throughout the story.

It’s something I use to hang my story’s wire frame on. The thread is normally short paragraph of so but shows the essential elements of the story from beginning to end. Here’ what I’ll be using and then to flesh out in the story’s wire frame.

A young American boy is raised by Japanese family before WWII. He sees the discrimination against the Japanese family during that time and is drawn more and more into being Japanese. Because of this and discriminatory laws passed during 1930s, he had little love for the American establishment. He goes to Japan thinking he would be welcomed there but he is ostracized by the Japanese and is called a freak. He eventually is accepted after joining an ultra-nationalist secret society and follows their principals – leading to him to join the kamikaze to finally prove himself worth of being a true Japanese. Later, that same society goes after his adopted family for his father and mother and daughter’s liberal and democratic views of the militarists leading Japan into war. In the end, he sees that the nationalist establishment is just as discriminatory as the American establishment he left. He eventually learns from a Shinto priest the true meaning of what is means to be a Japanese.

More to follow.  You can see the thread of these blog posts by reading the ‘How to Write a Novel’ category.


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