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April 21, 2013

How to Write a Novel – Ready to Marinate

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What a disappointment.

After all my time in my local libraries and even help from the Library of Congress, it turned out that my first pass on finding the information I need to start my marinating is coming from books I purchased online.

Perhaps it was my fault.  The traditional approach to finding what I needed to start my exploration did not or could not use the process of throwing a wide net.  Perhaps I was too specific in my requests and when little came from the libraries I realized the best approach was one I’ve used in the past.

I should have focused my requests on personal experience in general of people before and during WWII Japan.  With that in, mind I was able to find several books that that will act as springboards in my marinating in the information I need to construct the wire frame of the story – characters, plot, and environment. Some of the books I purchased – about $250.00 worth – do show personal experiences of westerners in Japan, some of everyday Japanese and some diaries of those who had a grander view of the history.

A part of the character/plot shaping up now revolves around the Japanese father who is on Admiral Yamamoto’s staff and hold Yamamoto’s views of working against going to war with America and believes Japan cannot win. Here I can bring in a threat to the family that I can use later in the plot. The threat comes from the criminal gangs that were used in assassinations of politicians and others who resisted the militarizing of Japan.

Some of the family is starting to shape up, too.  There is a little known movie staring Jimmy Stewart about an American exchange student living with a German family and watches how they become entranced with Hitler and become Nazis. Good stuff here to use as a parallel with the Japanese family.

The kamikaze element is also beginning to shape up. How that’s handled will point to the final message in the book and the development of the American boy.

I’ll await the remaining books to arrive then begin the marinating – unless MURRAN and THE ORACLE comes back from the story polishers and I have to put the final touches on those first.

More to follow.



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