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April 17, 2013

How to Write a Novel – Marinating Time

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This is going to be more difficult than I thought.  I assumed that information on personal experiences of Westerners in World War II Japan would be pretty much available on Google – my prime research source. Information that would help me develop characters, plot and historical background information.

I was wrong. There was very little there. Lot’s about Japanese-American internment but not what I’m looking for. All I could do was buy some books on Amazon that looked promising as to material.

So….to the public libraries!


Very little there, too. I did find a few sections of books that were helpful in historical background of the times and one Japanese reporter’s diary, but little else. There was one book that hit the mark as for personal experiences of Westerners in World War II Japan that seems to be unavailable now but I did find it on inter-library loan. Waiting to see if I get it.

So I turned to the Library of Congress. Chatted with a librarian there and she will do some research for me. Keeping fingers crossed.

This is the part of writing my novels that I call marinating in the information. Using intuition and submerging myself in the material to see which information leads to others and keeping a wide-open mind.

I do this to help me develop the wireframe I need to start my detailed research.

I’ll post more as the process develops.


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