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March 30, 2013


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Ever wonder where famous authors find their inspiration? I’m asked that question frequently – not that I’m a great author, only where do I get my story ideas.

So, I did a search on the Net for author inspirations and among the usual articles and post son ‘How to Write’, I ran across a blog post at the Wandering Storyteller.

As she wrote: These are always to fun to read – the small beginnings to great ends.”

Here are a few goodies.

J.R.R. TOLKIEN was grading college exam papers, and midway through
the stack he came across a gloriously blank sheet. Tolkien wrote down the
first thing that randomly popped into his mind: “In a hole in the ground there
lived a hobbit.” He had no idea what a hobbit was or why it lived
underground, and so he set out to solve the mystery.

JULES VERNE was flipping through a newspaper in a Parisian café when an
advertisement caught his eye. It offered tourists the chance to travel the globe in
just 80 days. This was an amazing feat at the time, and Verne’s imagination
immediately began to fire.

WASHINGTON IRVING had been suffering from writer’s block. His brother-
in-law, Henry Van Wart, was trying to cheer him up by reminiscing about
childhood adventures in the Hudson Highlands when, in the middle of the
conversation, Irving dashed out of the room. The next morning, he emerged with
a new story inspired by the talk.

GEORGE ORWELL watched as a young boy steered a massive cart horse along a
narrow path, and he was struck by an unusual thought: What if animals realized
their own strength? His hypothetical question evolved into a metaphorical novella
about animals taking over a farm.

As for myself, CYBERKILL, my best selling techno-thriller, was inspired by a TIME magazine article on artificial intelligence.  It wrote of a programmer who created an AI and then released it onto the Internet to evolve. The thought struck me – what if an AI did become intelligent and if the programmer shut down the experiment the AI took his action to be an attempt to kill it. Thus – the subtitle of CYBERKILL.

How Far Will an Artificial Intelligence Go for Revenge?

So, if you are a writer, you never know when inspiration will hit.



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