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March 22, 2013

Kindle Nation Daily Review of Black Sun

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Kindle Nation Daily recently reviewed my Jeremy Nash novel Black Sun.


Here’s the set-up:

Jeremy Nash is framed for the murder of a crypto-historian and to clear his name he must decipher a series of Nazi World War II clues left by the historian. He is helped on his quest by the historian’s daughter and a Nazi hunter. In the process Nash teams up with a group of treasure hunters looking for Nazi gold. They discover a long lost Nazi base at the South Pole that contains a primeval bacteria which a Neo-Nazi group of high-powered businessmen plan to create a second Jewish Holocaust and push Europe into civil war.

And here are two reviews from readers of Black Sun.

This book is even better than CyberKill because it is much more complicated and longer-lasting in the memory, with its fast-paced plot, adventure, brutal murders, old world retaliations, multiple conspiracies, deceptions and international intrigue.

–Lydia Nolan

In the Black Sun, the third book in The Chronicles of Jeremy Nash, Frank Fiore weaves a spell binding tale of intrigue involving the world’s foremost debunker of the paranormal, supernatural and conspiracy theories, who finds himself trapped in the mist of a conspiracy that he had long ago thought he had debunked. Framed for the murder of one of the world’s foremost conspiracy nuts, Jeremy is forced to solve the crime in order to save himself. Frank expertly spins a yarn involving, world domination, Nazi’s, Nano-technology, secret societies, genetic engineering, murder, and genocide, while having the main character run for his life with the beautiful daughter of the man he supposedly murdered at his side… Smart, witty and ripped from today’s headlines, Black Sun is a MUST read for any action adventure buff.

–Chris Keys

If you haven’t bought Black Sun – you’re missing a great ride!  And only for .99 cents!


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