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September 17, 2012

Fifth FREE Installment of SEED Now Available

The Fifth FREE installment of SEED from the Chronicles of Jeremy Nash is now available for download from Smashwords.

SEED answers the question: “Why are people, including the parents of Jeremy Nash, being murdered for what they found in the End Times Predictions?”

The story so far.

When Nash arrives home, he meets a young Hopi woman who hands him a mysterious invoice for a Kachina doll. She says it will lead Nash and his sister to the murderers of his parents. Meanwhile, unknown to Nash, a horrific plot is developing by the Ecotopians – a group of eco-terrorists – to kill hundreds of people in Northern Arizona.

The Ecotopians initiate their plan to ‘cleanse” the Northern Arizona area to make way for the ‘Next World’. Meanwhile, Nash, his sister Alyson and the Hopi maiden Kaya, have discovered what some of the clues on the invoice are and head out to Oraibi, AZ to meet with Kaya’s uncle. A Code Talker during WWII, they believe he can help him decipher the clues found on the Kachina invoice.

The EPA and FBI investigate the terrorist attack on the Four Corners Power Plant, Nash, his sister and Kaya head home to Roswell to find clues left by Nash’s father, and experience a harrowing pursuit through Canyon de Chelly by henchmen bent on killing them.

Nash, his sister and Kaya discover a hidden coded message in one senior Nash’s tape collection of Native-American chants. This leads them to Bryan Henderson who helps break the code. But Henderson has a surprise for Nash. One that Henderson found in the prediction program WebBot.

SEED is the BOOK TWO of the series the Chronicles of Jeremy Nash in e-book format currently on sale for the Kindle, Nook and Apple iPad and iPhone. Links to buy the Kindle, Nook and Apple versions of Chronicles are here.

The two other e-books in the ‘Chronicles of Jeremy Nash’ series  – ‘A Taste of the Apocalypse’ (the prequel to SEED) and ‘Black Sun’ – can be purchased for .99 cents each for the Kindle, Nook and Apple iPad and iPhone here.


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