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August 24, 2012

Was the UFO story at Roswell a cover up for something even stranger?

In 1947, many believe that a flying saucer with two alien bodies was discovered in the high desert of New Mexico near Roswell.

To investigate UFO activity in the aftermath of the Roswell incident, a committee called the Majestic 12 – or Majik — was set up under Truman to study the event. Out of that committee came what are known as the MJ Twelve documents that proved there was a UFO crash at Roswell.

Whether the committee existed or not is steeped in controversy. Today many people hold the view that the UFO story was covered up.

But there is another view that is even stranger. That view states that there was no UFO and no cover up. In fact, some believe that the UFO story WAS the cover up for something else.

What was that something else?

Read this dialogue from my new eBook ‘A Taste of the Apocalypse’.

 “What, may I ask, do you believe really crashed at Roswell?” asked Nash.
The look on Hicks’s face reminded Nash of the cat who ate the canary. “Satan’s minions.”
“I see,” said Nash, although he had no clue.
Hicks removed an ornate cigarette case from his inside pocket, plucked a cigarette out and lit it.  He drew in deeply and exhaled the smoke in Nash’s direction. “Have you ever heard of Colonel Corso, Mr. Nash?”
“Of course.  He wrote a popular book about the Roswell incident.”
“And what did he claim?”
“That an alien craft had crashed, and that a handful of items from the craft had been entrusted to him while he worked for the Foreign Technology in Army Research and Development at the Pentagon in the early nineteen sixties.  He also wrote about how the Army had found extraterrestrial beings of some kind, two of which were reportedly still alive.  And he stated that pieces of alien technology were also found.”
“Correct,” Hicks replied. “You seem to know about Roswell.”
“I grew up there.  Not to mention I’ve written several articles and a book debunking the entire incident.”
“Then you also know that Colonel Corso never recanted his story, even upon his deathbed.”
“Of course.  Still, that doesn’t mean–”
“And according to Colonel Corso,” Hicks continued, cutting Nash off, “the Army reverse-engineered the technology retrieved from the crash site.  Many claim that the devices found aboard the Roswell craft ultimately became the technology of today like integrated circuit chips, fiber optics, lasers, night-vision technology, and super-tenacity fibers such as Kevlar.”
Nash shook his head and fought a nearly uncontrollable desire to refute this.  Now was not the time to be right.
Hicks continued, “Perhaps most chilling of all is how this alien technology has shaped the geopolitical climate over the last fifty years.” Hicks leaned forward and looked straight at Nash.  A hint of a devious smile crossed his lips. “Perhaps, then, we should consider the motives of the enemy in ‘allowing’ this technology to fall into the hands of men.”
“What enemy?” Sabra asked.
“The Prince of Darkness, the Father of All Lies, Beelzebub, Lucifer — the Devil.”
Hicks ranted on, “It’s all here in your grandfather’s diary!” He shook the small booklet in Nash’s face. “We believe, and your grandfather’s diary confirms with drawings and charts, the evil tools found at Roswell were placed there by none other than the Devil’s minions, tools used to ensnare mankind and create weapons of untold destruction — tools to be used in Satan’s plan to deceive the sons of God.” Hicks lowered his voice. “Roswell is the key that unlocks the door to Armageddon.”

Well. We all have our opinions and Jeremy Nash has to deal with some very odd ones to solve the puzzle that was handed to him in the story to save his sister from the religious cult.

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