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August 23, 2012

Was There a Secret U-Boat Convoy to Antarctica?

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Crypto-history is the historical revision or reinterpretation of history surrounding past events. Over the years, Nazi Germany has become a prime source of theories and reinterpreted events in its history. Examples abound–stories of secret Nazi bases connected with hollow earth theories, U-boat convoys to Antarctica, Nazi super weapons, both fact and fantasy, esoteric and occult energy sources like zero point energy, and the list goes on and on.

It seems that crypto-historians have been able to weave any kind of conspiracy theory into Nazi crypto-history. Even German mysticism and the occult have been made part and parcel of Nazi crypto-history.

The U-boat convoys at the end of World War Two have a long crypto-history behind them. Legend has it that those uBoats – or what were called the ‘Fuhrer’s Convoy’ – have been reported to carry stolen Nazi treasure, secret advanced weapons, UFOs, and even the remains of Hitler and Eva Braun or maybe the Holy Grail and the Spear of Destiny.

In my new book, Black Sun, the third book in the series of the Chronicles of Jeremy Nash for the Nook, Kindle and Apple iBook, I explore this and all of these Nazi crypto-history ideas in an action/adventure story sure to please..

In Black Sun, Jeremy Nash is framed for the murder of a crypto-historian and to clear his name he must decipher a series of Nazi World War II clues left by the historian. He is helped on his quest by the historian’s daughter and a Nazi hunter. In the process Nash teams up with a group of treasure hunters looking for Nazi gold.  They discover a long lost Nazi base at the South Pole that contains a primeval bacteria which a Neo-Nazi group of high-powered businessmen plan to create a second Jewish Holocaust and push Europe into civil war.

The eBook is selling for .99 cents. Such a deal.


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