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November 27, 2011

CyberKill – the Enhanced Digital Book – “Just the FAQs”

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Here are the FAQs on the new CyberKill enhanced digital book.  These will give you a very good idea of the unique features of the new digital book.

1.  What devices and operating systems are supported by Trapdoor Enhanced eBooks?
We support iPhone 3G and later; iPad (all); iPod 2 and later.  Your Apple device must be running iOS 4.2 or higher.  We support all Android smart phones and tablets running version 2.2 or later of the Android operating system, including the Kindle Fire and NOOK.

2.  Where can I purchase Trapdoor Enhanced eBooks?
Titles are available from the Apple App Store and the Android Marketplace.  You can also find our titles at the Amazon Appstore for Android and the Barnes & Noble NOOK Apps site. 

3.  Can I run my Trapdoor Enhanced eBook on my Nook or Kindle?
We support the Nook Color and Kindle Fire – both of which can run Android applications.

4.  How do get started reading my Trapdoor Enhanced eBook?
To start reading simply flick your finger right or left – quickly brushing your device’s surface with your fingertip – to navigate forwards or backwards through the book’s pages. Whenever you leave the Enhanced eBook application, we remember where you are and open the book to the same page when you return.

TIP: Unlike a traditional book, the number of pages may change – if you decide to modify the font size, for example. In this case, the Enhanced eBook application will automatically repaginate. A status bar displays at the bottom of the screen while this is happening. While you may continue to read during repagination, some features – such as the page count at the bottom of the page – are disabled until the process is completed.

5.   How do I discover the features in my Trapdoor Enhanced eBook?
There are two menus and two display areas in your Enhanced eBook application.

  • the Main menu is accessed via the Menu button
  • the Book menu is accessed by double tapping anywhere on the book content
  • the Book display area shows the book text
  • the Marginalia display area is a bar running down the right-hand side of the page displaying icons for Enhanced eBook features

TIP: You can turn on and off the Marginalia by tapping the triangle icon located in the upper-right corner of the book.

6.  What is marginalia?
The Marginalia display area is a bar running down the right-hand side of the page displaying icons for Enhanced eBook features. It can be turned on and off by tapping the triangle icon located in the upper-right corner of the book.

To access a marginalia feature – such as a wiki-link, map, bookmark, annotation, audio extra, or video extra – simply tap on the icon and the feature will display.  For example, a wiki-link (the W icon in the marginalia) will take you to a website with more information about a particular topic found in the text (i.e., BattleBots). Tapping the back arrow will return you to the book.

TIP: Some marginalia features are not available off-line (not connected to the internet) – such as internet links, audio extras, and video extras.

7.  How do I navigate through my Trapdoor Enhanced eBook?
Making your Enhanced eBook experience as simple and enjoyable as possible is a #1 priority for us. To do this, we provide several easy-to-use navigation features: Table of Contents, Search and Dog Ears.

The Table of Contents is accessed via the Main Menu. Scroll up and down to navigate through the book.

Use the Search in Book feature in the Main Menu to find a particular word or phrase. Simply enter the text you are looking for and tap Search From Here or Search From Beginning to find the next occurrence of the text. The Next button allows you to continue your search while the Exit button takes you back to reading.

A Dog Ear icon will sometimes appear in the upper-right corner of the book – mostly when you are using synopsis links to navigate to previously-read passages. We keep track of your navigation through the pages. Flicking the dog ear icon takes you back to the last page viewed.

TIP: Press the dog ear to wipe out your list of previously viewed pages and begin reading from your current location.

8.  How can I share my Trapdoor Enhanced eBook experience with friends?
Contrary to traditional belief, reading is not a solitary endeavor. We make it easy to share your thoughts with friends, book review sites and the author!

To share a passage using your favorite social media site, double tap and drag the blue dots to highlight the entire passage. Select Share from the pop-up menu. Depending on which Social Media sites you have installed on your device, options for sharing will appear – including the most popular such as Twitter and FaceBook. Submitting your post will return you to the book.

Chatting with the author is a wickedly cool feature in your Enhanced eBook application. To make a post to the author’s blog, choose Chat With Author from the Main menu. An author page with a forum will appear. Follow existing conversations or start your own thread. It’s easy and fun.

TIP: You will need to login to post to the forum. This can be done by tapping the Login link on the forum. New users will need to register – but don’t worry, your privacy is important to us.

9.  What is an Evolving Synopsis?
Ever forget what has happened in a book? How about that character you just can’t quite remember?  Your Enhanced eBook has both an evolving book synopsis and an evolving character synopsis.

As you read along in the book, the evolving synopses are populated with simple plot points to remind you of the action. We’ll never spoil the plot by revealing what is going to happen next!

The Show Synopsis option in the Main Menu displays a bulleted list of everything that has happened so far in the story. Tap a synopsis link to go to the passage in the book and get caught up.

For characters, press on the character name in the book text to bring up the character’s bio – sometimes with a picture and useful information about the character – along with a bulleted list of everything that character has done so far in the story.

TIP: Tap the back button or flick the Dog Ear icon to navigate back to where you were reading.

10.  How do I use Bookmarks and Annotations?
While Enhanced eBooks save your place automatically when reading, sometimes you just want to insert your own bookmark or scribble a note. No problem! We give you two ways to do this:

  • Bookmarks are just that – simple placeholders for future reference.
  • Annotations can include either typed text notes or audio annotations (on devices which support audio recordings).

Double tap on the book text to leave either a bookmark or annotation. Tap Notes from the pop-up menu. From here, you have two choices:

  • Tap Bookmark to leave a simple red bookmark icon in the marginalia.
  • Tap Annotate to type in a text message, leave a voice annotation which will be transcribed into text (if supported by your device), or leave a voice annotation as audio (if supported by your device). This will leave a boxed “A” icon in the marginalia.

TIP: All Notes – bookmarks and annotations – are listed in the Main menu under “Show Notes”. You can also view them by tapping on the corresponding marginalia icon.

11.  How do I turn on Audio features in my Trapdoor Enhanced eBook?
Your Enhanced eBook application includes a full audio book for your listening pleasure. The audio follows along where you are in the book – your Enhanced eBook even flip pages for you – allowing automatic synchronization between listening and reading.

Turn on the audio by double tapping the book text where you want to start reading. Choose Audio from the pop-up menu. The book will be read starting at the beginning of the paragraph chosen.

Turn off the audio by tapping the small yellow Audio Off icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the book.

TIP: When downloading the Enhanced eBook for the first time, you will be prompted to download the audio in the background. While this is happening, you may read the book – but audio features are disabled until the download completes.

12.  How can I find Audio and Video extras in my Trapdoor Enhanced eBook?
Included in your Enhanced eBook are audio and video extras. These might be goodies provided by the author about the story or they might just be fun extras that we thought you would like.

Both Audio and Video Extras can be found in the marginalia – accessed by a simple tap of the icon.

Video Extras can also be accessed via an option in the Main Menu. SPOILER ALERT: Finding the video extras inside the book is more fun – and if you watch them before reading the book, you might be getting a wee bit of a spoiler.

TIP: You must be on-line (with internet access) to watch the audio and video extras.

13.  How can I turn off advertising in my free Trapdoor Enhanced eBook?
One of the revolutionary features of your Enhanced eBook application is that it is brought to you FREE – courtesy our advertising sponsors.

Three types of advertisements that appear in free versions of our Enhanced eBooks:

  • Registration ads appear when you first start the application
  • Banner ads appear at the bottom of the screen throughout the reading experience
  • Interstitial ads appear as full-page offerings between some chapters of the book

Hate advertising? Select Turn Off Ads from the Main menu to purchase the Enhanced eBook application for $4.99. The ads will disappear, and your eyeballs will thank you.

TIP: The Registration and Interstitial ads can be skipped each time they appear by tapping the ad and choosing Skip from the menu.

14.  How can I use a dictionary within my Trapdoor Enhanced eBook?
Looking up a word is elementary. Double tap on the word of your choice. Tap Dictionary in the pop-up menu. The application will look up the word using popular on-line dictionary resources such as Merriam-Webster. Tap the back arrow to return to reading.

15.  How can I change the text size in my Trapdoor Enhanced eBook?
You can fine tune your experience by changing the text size using the Increase Font Size and Decrease Font Size options in the Main menu.



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