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November 24, 2011

BREAKING NEWS !! The Enhanced eBook Version of Cyberkill is Now Released.

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Great News !! The enhanced eBook version of Cyberkill is now released. 

Cyberkill is available as an Enhanced digital mobile app on the iPhone®, iPad® and Android™ mobile devices including the Kindle Fire and the NOOK™. So if you have portable devices that run on those two platforms you can download the entire advertising-supported Cyberkill enhanced digital mobile app for FREE !!. That’s right, FREE !!

You can turn off the ads at any time via in-app purchase for $4.99.

For more background and info on CyberKill – the enhanced book – go here and at

The new features available in the Enhanced digital app version of Cyberkill, many of which have never been seen in a digital book before, include seamless switching between the text version and a full audio version of the story, evolving synopsis, character lookup and biography, dynamic links to incorporate the power of the web into the book, sharing through social media and email, bookmarking, recorded annotations, author videos and commentaries, and author interaction.

Why did I want Cyberkill converted into a digital app? I wanted to share a story with as wide an audience as possible, using whatever narrative tools were at my disposal. I was really excited about releasing the Cyberkill Enhanced digital app because it allowed me to add elements to the story that would have been impossible in a traditional eBook. This new technology creates a new way for authors and readers to approach books that enrich and extend storytelling, and I’m hoping readers will like what we’ve created.”

In short, readers now can ‘experience’ a book and not just read it.

Download the app and experience the future of digital publishing. Please add a review in the Android market or Apple App Store after you you’ve experienced the book.

And Remember: You can still purchase the dead tree version of Cyberkill or the traditional e-book version for your Kindle, or Sony Reader.

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