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August 13, 2011

The Tablets Are Coming! The Tablets Are Coming!

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Yep. It’s gonna be an exciting year for mobile computing.

Over at IntoMobile, the boys there review the top 6 tablet platforms for 2011 and it shaping up to be interesting battle.

The top 2, the Android and Apple iOS platforms, have garnered the majority of the market but four others are hoping to repeat Apple’s iPad performance. Those four tablet platforms are:

  • MeeGo for Nokia mobile devices
  • webOS for Hewlett Packard
  • Windows for some unannounced tablet
  • Blackberry for the Blackberry mobile devices

The problem for the bottom four is obvious. They don’t have the reach in the number of apps that the Adndroid and Apples platforms have and may not reach the critical mass needed to be success in the market.

For the life of me, I don’t understand why companies believe they can go out on their own, buck the marketplace, and create their own technology different from the dominant players and try to convince the market to buy into it.

But – more power to them.

At least my publisher can see the hand writing on the wall. CyberKill 3.0, when released sometime over the coming months, will run first on the Android platform and then on the Apple iOS.

And as the saying goes, that’s where the bodies – in this case, book readers – are buried.


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