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June 17, 2011

Is The Future of Book Publishing in the Clouds?

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Once upon a time there was a Blockbuster of a chain of video rental stores. Its name was actually Blockbuster.

They were quite successful for many years.

Then one day, a small company named NetFlix eliminated the need to go to a video store to rent movies. Eventually they eliminated to need to even own a movie, DVD player or movie rental boxes. The movies were in, what is called today, the Internet Cloud.  With Netflix, you can stream thousands of movies straight to your TV.

Today, using the Kindle, you can download from the Cloud using cloud computing thousands of books from Amazon.

Put Neflix and Amazon together the end result is almost inevitable. There will be no need to ‘own’ books in any format if we can just download a book to whatever reader we have any time we want one. Either paying for it through a subscription service or perhaps free through advertising.

Amazon has invested heavily in cloud computing and seems the perfect candidate to launch such a service.

‘All you can eat” cloud-based services for books will become the norm. Even complex textbooks and four color coffee table books will be downloaded and appear on the new tablet computers in full format.

So look to clouds. Books in the Cloud may come sooner than you think.


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