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June 6, 2011

Print Books Grow While E-Book Sales Soar

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Both print and digital formats of books enjoyed revenue gains in March 2011 vs last year according to the monthly net sales report of the Association of American Publishers, the industry’s national trade association, which was released last month.

The sales numbers are very interesting and point to what publishing platforms will dominate the industry in the future. Here are the year over year figures.

Adult Hardcover books increased by 6.0%, Adult Paperback dropped 7.7%, Adult Mass Market increased by 1.2%, and Religious books increased by 27.4%.

The increase in sales of religious books is interesting. Perhaps it’s a sign of the bad times we are living in.

But the big surprise is in the growth of e-book sales. They rose a staggering 145.7% March over March.

I believe that this is just the beginning of a major shift in the way we read books because coming down the pike this fall will be dozens of tablet computers in all shapes and sizes that will extend the reading experience of books to a new level.

To paraphrase a quote about the internet a decade or so ago, “Like TVs once were, e-books are in their black and white era and we don’t know what color will look like.”


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