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April 20, 2011

CyberKill 3.0 – Read, Listen, Watch or Do? – Your Call

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In my last post, I spoke of what transmedia storytelling was all about.

Basically it’s how you want to experience a story – would you prefer to read, listen, watch, or do? That’s what transmedia storytelling allows you to do.

CyberKill 3.0 will give the most extensive use of transmedia storytelling and combines the ability to read the story, listen to the story, watch aspects of the extended experience and provide things to do while experiencing the story.

Here are some examples.

First read the story.

Like any mobile book, one can read the text of the story. In addition, there are a host of dynamic features in CyberKill 3.0.

The reader has access to an evolving (because the app knows where you are the in book) story synopsis and character bios to catch up on forgotten passages without ruining the story ahead. Receive new content – from alternate reality games to author interviews – instantly as new content becomes available. There are ways to stay connected with other readers of the book and its fan base.

You can share your experiences with friends and family via integrated email or Twitter, leave reviews on popular sites such as Amazon and Goodreads and visit the personal forum of the author.

Next, listen to the story.

Switch between listening or reading the story without ever losing your place.

Watch the story.

Readers can view interviews with the author after certain chapters and learn the book’s back-story.

Every novelist has a back-story to tell. Books 3.0 through author interviews, gives the reader an inside look at the making of a novel. A behind the scenes look of the back story the author is conveying.

It could be as simple as what made them write the story or a particular point or concept that the author wants to get across to the reader.

Do the story.

GPS-enabled devices allow easy participation in local, real-world events – both sponsored and fan-driven. The reader can easily add text annotations and notes.

Automated bookmarks make marking a passage and keeping your place in the book easy.

And here’s a nifty feature. Share bookmarks with friends. Multiple bookmarks are useful for shared devices when everybody wants to read the same book simultaneously.

As CyberKill 3.0 develops, more read, listen, watch and do features will be added to the novel and the reading experience.


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