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March 9, 2011

Are Advertising Supported Mobile Books the Next Big Thing in Publishing?

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I wrote a post a couple of week’s ago where I spoke about advertising supported mobile electronic book. In it, I spoke of how mobile books will become apps – the same programs that you download to your cell phone or iPod or the growing number of tablets – and their users love free content!

Check this out.

“Early-adopters are currently treating the iPad as an Internet appliance,” says David Tice, Vice President and Group Account Director at Knowledge Networks. “Media companies and other content creators cannot assume that iPod behaviors – purchasing content for the device – will be immediately transferred to the iPad. In our early-adopter group, we saw, by nearly a 6-to-1 ratio, that iPad users prefer an ad-supported model over a pay model to gain access to content. At this point, a pay-for-content model would appeal only to a niche group of consumers.”

This could be a boon to authors who are looking to break through the clutter of the marketplace and gain visibility. As I said in my post a couple of weeks ago, up to now, authors could give their entire book or the first few sections for free hoping to entice the reader into buying the full book or perhaps the author’s next one. But in either case, the author receives no revenue from the free download.

Ad supported mobile books would give the author a percentage of the advertising in the free downloadable edition and the royalty for the book if purchased.

Is this a truly a win-win situation?

To some extent – yes. But the author will still have to provide a good reading experience with riveting content.


Since the ‘book’ is an free app, and like a free app, the longer you use it, the more advertising views you receive and the more money you earn.

So, a good author with a good book not only earns the maximum revenue from the ads but also cements in the readers mind that the author creates good product and will be open to downloading their next book – and perchance –purchase it.

So in reality, nothing much has changed. If the author wants to earn the most from their works, their works need to past muster with the reading public.


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