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February 24, 2011

CYBERKILL 3.0 – Character Bios Feature

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Who was that guy?

When a novel has many characters, a reader can forget just who he or she is and what he or she has done in the story.

The Evolving Character feature of Books 3.0 – or tansmedia books – creates a dynamic synopsis of a character’s actions based on the placement of the reader’s automated bookmark. An automatic bookmark keeps track of a reader’s place in the story – nothing is required of the reader.

As the story evolves, the bio is filled in with character accomplishments with links back to passages in the story where these occur. This allows readers to “refresh” their memory for characters in the story.

In addition, a character profile themed to the book provides additional background. For example, CYBERKILL uses an FBI-style dossier as a basic character bio.  See an example here.

Like the Evolving Summary, Character Bios never tell you what’s ahead in the story only what has transpired so far.

Evolving characters can also be extended to places and other notable items. For example, a building like Conspiracy Theory Central may appear to be a brownstone building early in the book. Later, it may appear to be a burned out shell crossed with police tape – depending on the events that have taken place in the book.


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