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February 22, 2011

CYBERKILL 3.0 – Breaking Through the Clutter

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Every author, weather commercially published or self-published, faces the challenge of breaking through the melee of the millions of books vying for the attention of the reading public.

And it’s not getting any better.

With the introduction of print-on-demand and electronic books, the number of books available to the reading public has skyrocketed. So how does a book breakthrough the clutter and rise to the top of attention?

CyberKill 3.0, being an app on mobile device, can be downloaded for free and generate income through advertising. Free books are hard to beat. You have a choice to watch sponsors’ advertisements and enjoy the full Book 3.0 experience at no cost.

Don’t want to intrusion into your reading experience from full page pop up ads and running banner ads at the bottom of the book, then they can be turned off by just purchasing CyberKill 3.0 at any time.

Up to now, authors could give their entire book or the first few sections for free hoping to entice the reader into buying the full book or perhaps the author’s next one. But in either case, the author receives no revenue from the free download.

With Book 3.0, the author would receive a percentage of the advertising in the free downloadable edition and the royalty for the book if purchased.

A win-win proposition.

To see a demo of what this would look like, click here.

The Book 3.0 concept allows the author a free and easy way to breakthrough the clutter of the marketplace and have his or her book noticed – and make a buck or two in the process.

Seems hard to beat.


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