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February 21, 2011

CYBERKILL 3.0: Ready for Prime Time

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I’ve been posting about transmedia books – aka: Book 3.0 – over the last few months. Now, it’s only weeks away from reality.

My publisher, TrapDoor Books, has brought the transmedia book to reality and they have chosen my first novel, CYBERKILL, as the first Book 3.0, or t-book, of its kind.

You can read the background on transmedia publishing that I’ve done posts on here, here, here, here and here.

But briefly, if you consider the printed book in all its forms the “original”, then these are Books 1.0 or p-books. The current crop of Kindle, Nook and iPad e-books are, for the most part, a simple attempt to recreate the paper book experience digitally – hence a second generation or Books 2.0 or e-books. The transmedia concept of books as an immersive storytelling experience is something radically different – and thus the name, Books 3.0 or t-books.

Books 3.0 are not merely a repackaging of the paper book experience into an electronic format.

Book 3.0 is an app. enhanced with extended experiences and packaged as applications that can be downloaded from the Android or Apple mobile marketplace and run on any compatible smart phone or tablet computer.

Books 3.0 transform today’s book experience into a mobile, transmedia experience that dramatically extends the book with new technology components including audio, video, internet links, social media integration, extended experience games, reference material, and software for sharing in the reading experience.

What follows are some of the features of this new, revolutionary format.

The most innovative feature of Book 3.0 is that – here it comes – it’s FREE!

All authors today are struggling to find a way to break through the clutter of the market and get their works noticed. You can enjoy Books 3.0 for free and breakthrough the resistance of readers and the clutter of the marketplace thanks to advertisements from sponsors similar to the ads in free apps.

Don’t like the ads? Simple. Turn them off by purchasing the book.

There are a host of dynamic features in Book 3.0.

The reader has access to an evolving (because the app knows where you are the in book) story synopsis and character bios to catch up on forgotten passages without ruining the story ahead. Receive new content – from alternate reality games to author interviews – instantly as new content becomes available. GPS-enabled devices allow easy participation in local, real-world events – both sponsored and fan-driven.

There are ways to stay connected with other readers of the book and its fan base.

You can share your experiences with friends and family via integrated email or Twitter, leave reviews on popular sites such as Amazon and Goodreads, visit the personal forum of the author, or get a digital signature from your favorite writer. We also make it easy to find other books by the same author and similar titles to take the guesswork out of choosing your next title.

Then there’s integration.

Audio, video and text are seamlessly integrated for your mobile lifestyle – switch between listening or reading the story without ever losing your place; play integrated games and puzzles as diversions; watch author’s commentary videos; research Wikipedia, Google Maps, and other sites without ever leaving the book.

And Book 3.0 is customizable.

The reader can turn on or off any feature, or all features if you wish, to get the exact storytelling experience you want. Customize your Book 3.0 with audio and text annotations and bookmarks – sharing your insight easily with friends and colleagues. Standard features such as night vision mode, pause for call, and flight mode make enjoying your Book 3.0 easy.

I’m excited about this newest from of publishing and am pleased that CYBERKILL will be the first book of its kind.

Over the coming days I will post a more detailed description of each of the features mentioned here.


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