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September 13, 2010

The Chronicles of Jeremy Nash Submitted

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I just submitted five years of work on the Chronicles of Jeremy Nash to my publisher.

Wow! Five years out of one’s life.

I believe the work is rather unique and fits nicely into the genre of ‘geek fiction’. The first three novels of the three book series is complete and I sent those along with the first quarter of the third book to TrapDoor Books.

They liked CyberKill enough to acquire it and I hope my writing skills are up to the task for them to publisher the Chronicles.

The Chronicles are thrillers that can best be described as Indiana Jones meets National Treasure meets the X-files. Like CyberKill, 95% of the books are based on known information and/or facts.

The series begins with A Taste of the Apocalypse, with Seed being second, followed by Black Sun. They are connected by characters and events and take place over a three week period so please read them in sequence.

A Taste of the Apocalypse is – what can I say – a blend of sci-fi with a religious thriller sending Jeremy Nash on a quest for what really happened in the desert of Roswell in 1947, a plot to blow up the Grand Mosque on the Mount, the crucifixion legends, and a final secret of a missing Dead Sea scroll.  Along the way, Nash learns the true meaning of spirituality.

Seed is a 2012 novel and deals with the Hopi End Times Prediction as its base — their version of 2012. It’s probably the world’s first Hopi thriller and the story is a romp through all 2012 prognosticators and their predictions. Seed is a blend of Hopi tradition and state-of-the-art scientific quantum research that sends Jeremy Nash on a quest to stop the destruction of the world.

Finally, Black Sun has Jeremy Nash embroiled in Nazi crypto-history and the Nazi occult. Nash must find the Neo-Nazi organization that plans to create a Second Holocaust and another plot to bring the world to the brink of World War III.

Fun stuff, huh?

I hope TrapDoor Books thinks so, too.


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